No Way Home Cast React To The Possibility Of Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Getting Edited Out Of The Trailer

The cast of No Way Home came together and reacted to Lizard being hit by an invisible punch in the film. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is the third version of the superhero on live-action ever since Tobey Maguire started it all with Sam Raimi as the director followed by The Amazing Spider-Man which had Andrew Garfield as the lead. While Tobey appeared for a trilogy between 2002 and 2007, Andrew Garfield appeared for only two films before his time as Spider-Man was cut short. Now, in MCU’s No Way Home, we will see all three generations together in one film with appearances from past Spider-Man villains and possibly the two Spider-Man actors too.

Are Tobey And Maguire In Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Spider-Man actors
Spider-Man actors

Since Sony or Marvel is yet to confirm anything, the speculations that the past two Spider-Men will return to reprise their roles in the upcoming MCU film have remained fervent. These rumors grew stronger with the release of the second trailer and while it didn’t have any reveals, fans continued mining the footage for any reveals, homing in on the Brazillian version of the trailer where Lizard is seen getting punched by ‘seemingly nothing.’ This led to many fans believing that Garfield or Maguire’s Spider-Man was removed digitally from this shot.

Here’s the shot in the trailer that’s in question:

A still from No Way Home
A still from No Way Home

Now, while appearing at the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the Spider-Man: No Way Home cast reacted to this speculation. Kimmel goes on to play the specific moment from the trailer for the cast and while each actor had their own reaction, Jacob Batalon laughed hysterically at the apparent editing mistake. Zendaya and Holland try their best to give a suitable explanation, with Tom claiming that it was a bird. Zendaya reacted to this by suggesting that it was debris instead and Benedict Cumberbatch comes up with the most hilarious explanation.

Read their reactions below:

Holland: I know what that is actually. It’s a bird.

Zendaya: You see all that debris? There’s tons of explanations. There’s tons of things that would cause that.

Cumberbatch: To me, I think it’s just [Lizard] realizing, “Wow, I need to use some deodorant.”

Batalon: There’s definitely some debris from the statue, Jimmy. You’re reading way too into this.

After listening to all their reactions, Jimmy Kimmel proposed a theory to explain the mysterious moment in the trailer, suggesting that it could be Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman who delivered the blow to The Lizard. While we do have a Fantastic Four movie underway in the MCU and their introduction will later come into the play in the future but no one is expecting that to happen in No Way Home. This would certainly be a bigger shock than Tobey or Andrew’s presence in the film.

Those who are following the promotions for No Way Home are well aware that the cast is absolutely forbidden to reveal anything about the film – likely due to an NDA or other legal contracts – from discussing the involvement of Maguire or Garfield in the film and they’ve only gotten better with time as the promotions soar high. If they reveal anything this late, they would remiss it, if they let anything slip now. The wait for all the answers is over as Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters now.

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