No Way Home: How Oscorp Can Continue To Play A Role In The MCU’s Future

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osborn (from the Sam Raimi movie) claims that neither Oscorp nor Harry exist in the present realm that he has found himself in. But, with Spider-Man remaining such a key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s difficult to imagine such a significant figure not playing a role in Peter Parker’s destiny. So, how could Marvel include the Osborns, and hence Oscorp, in the movie without remaking “No Way Home”?

Regardless of the fact that Oscorp does not exist:

A Still Of Norman Osborn from No Way Home played by Willem Dafoe
A Still Of Norman Osborn from No Way Home played by Willem Dafoe

The MCU’s Norman Osborn might be a younger scientist who has just founded the corporation, and Oscorp could function similarly to Octavius Industries in the Spider-Man game for PlayStation — a much smaller business run out of a small warehouse. This might give a fresh perspective on the conventional Oscorp shown in other media, which is frequently portrayed as a big business similar to Stark Industries. Another possibility is that Oscorp originated as another corporation before being sold to or taken over by Norman Osborn as a new President or Chairman. This might explain why there is no Oscorp Tower in the MCU because it does not yet carry the name, and it could also allow Oscorp to suddenly have a much greater presence in New York by explaining that it has really been here all along — but under a different name.

Oscorp is located in a different city:

A Still Of Norman Osborn's Oscorp
A Still Of Norman Osborn’s Oscorp

Given that Dafoe’s Goblin lived before the internet and cellphones, he may have been looking for himself in all the wrong places. If Oscorp existed but was not in New York City, Osborn would not have been able to find out because his search seemed to be confined to physically visiting the identical places in his own reality, as evidenced by his telling May and Peter that “someone was living in my house.”

Norman is a politician rather than a scientist:

A Still Of Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn from 2002 and 2021
A Still Of Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn from 2002 and 2021

Taking some cues from the books and the PlayStation game, Norman Osborn could not even be in the corporate sector anymore. In the comics, Osborn is also known as the Iron Patriot, who heads the Dark Avengers. After the events of Secret Invasion, he formed the squad while wearing Iron Man armour in red, white, and blue. This crew was made up of various Marvel villains, including Bullseye, Venom, and John Walker (U.S. Agent), and served as part of Norman’s plans to amass enormous power. To carry out this strategy for a more power-hungry Osborn, he would have to become a politician and leave Oscorp behind, which may not have flourished as a firm or may have remained under a new name if Osborn was only an executive. Making him more deadly would be if viewers saw his rise to power across the films and programmes, with him maybe beginning off as mayor of New York City before moving to Washington D.C. and founding the Dark Avengers. The last argument is possibly the most plausible, given that Marvel appears to want its Spider-Man films to be distinct from those that came before them. Norman, rather than becoming another Goblin, might become a political threat like the Kingpin. With the upcoming Armor Wars and Secret Invasion, as well as numerous major members of the Dark Avengers currently in the MCU, it becomes increasingly probable that Norman will continue to play a role in the franchise’s future. Spider-Man: No Way Home, starring Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn, is currently in cinemas.

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