No Way Home Trailer Theory: Peter Wearing Black-Gold Suit Confirms Doc Ock Stole Iron Spider

The new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer gave us many incredible scenes to talk about for days. There is the first glimpse of the Green Goblin, Sandman, the Lizard, and Electro. The trailer never showed us Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield in their Spider-Man avatars. But beggars cannot be choosers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to be host to a multitude of threats from different universes. This No Way Home trailer theory states that one of those villains, will be getting major upgrade. A new No Way Home trailer theory suggests Doctor Octopus steals Peter Parker’s Iron Spider armor to augment his own abilities. There is even a scene in the trailer that seemingly confirms this.

Doctor Octopus – No Way Home

The Original Theory Stated Doc Ock Tentacles Are Stark Tech

Doc Ock Steals Stark Tech

Previous trailers had already revealed a new and more jacked up Doc Ock. The tentacles on his back look new and upgraded. While little else was revealed in the final trailer released a short while ago, we can say that the technology seems to be new and improved. The original theory that spread like wild-fire said that Doc Ock himself upgraded his arms with Stark Tech. That would make them deadlier and more lethal. Given Doc Ock created the tentacles himself, if he gets access to superior technology he can make them even better. Stark Tech seemed to be the answer and the previous trailers seemingly confirm that.

What If – Doc Ock Came To MCU With His Original Tentacles But Absorbed Iron Spider Later On

Iron Spider vs. Doctor Octopus

The Iron Spider suit is one incredible piece of technology. It has so many features and abilities it could be considered one of Tony Stark’s greatest inventions. The suit is made entirely out of nano-technology, on the lines Iron Man’s Infinity War armor was made. In one of the trailer scenes and many stills of the movie released online, we could see Doc Ock holding Peter captive via his tentacles. Peter is wearing the Iron Spider armor at the time. Since the Iron Spider suit is not made of regular hardware, Doc Ock could have easily repurposed the spikes hidden within his tentacles to absorb the nano-bots that make up Iron Spider.

Time for An Upgrade?

By doing this, Doc Ock is not just giving himself a major power boost but also taking away one of Peter Parker’s greatest assets against the No Way Home villains. Peter already has the EDITH glasses from Far from Home. And he has shown he can easily repurpose Stark Tech suits when he bypassed the “Training Wheels” program in his first Spider-Man suit in No Way Home. Imagine if he had retrofitted the technology from the EDITH glasses into the Iron Spider suit. If the No Way Home Trailer theory is true and Doctor Octopus has indeed taken possession of the Iron Spider suit, he now has access to a satellite based weapons system that can take down entire cities!!

The Black Gold Suit Confirms This No Way Home Trailer Theory

Black-Gold Spider Suit

Given the iron Spider suits many incredible abilities, it would be foolish for Peter top let it go for another suit. The only reason Spider-Man would even imagine wearing a non-Stark Tech suit is if he has lost the original one. The Black Gold suit comes with many mystical upgrades thanks to the Sorcerer Supreme. Peter is seen wearing it in the latter scenes in the final No Way Home trailer. This No Way Home trailer theory is becoming more and more a reality the more we think about the trailer scenes.

Iron Spider Powered Doctor Octopus Will Be A Force of Nature

Doctor Octopus

There have been many genius level villains that have graced the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But not even one of them comes even close to the brilliant intellectual prowess of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. One of Spider-Man’s, no Marvel Comics, greatest super villains is about to unleash hell now that he has a literal weapon of mass destruction on the tip of his fingertips. or should we say – Tentacles?

Stark Tech Powered Doc Ock

There are other ways this no Way Home Trailer theory could be proven wrong. Since Tony Stark is not there anymore, Stark Tech could be up for grabs. Maybe Doc Ock broke into a defunct Stark or Avengers facility to upgrade his tentacles. Or maybe this No Way Home trailer theory is indeed true and we are about to see Peter Parker’s world be flipped upside down!!!

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