No Way Home’s Worst-Kept Secret Confirms [SPOILER] In The MCU

This article contains spoilers for No Way Home, which is out in theaters now.

Uniting the movie and television universes of every Marvel enterprise is a dream of many fans for decades and although it has seemed quite impossible until now, things have started to get better now. Wolverine and Blade could never team onscreen as they belonged to different studios. The Fantastic Four couldn’t cross paths with Avengers for the very same reason. Some obvious connections were seen but were left adrift due to continuity reasons, like Agents of SHIELD’s relationship to Agent Carter.

However, Sony’s characters now entering the MCU and Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox confirms that more fan-favorite characters will enter the MCU, including Charlie Cox’s Daredevil who made his cinematic debut in No Way Home. Even at the time when there were rumors around Matt Murdock’s debut, there were some concerns if the character would see a recast. However, it was recently announced by Kevin Feige that Charlie Cox will continue playing the role in the MCU.

What role does Matt Murdock play in No Way Home?


No Way Home picks up exactly where Far From Home leaves us, with Mysterio implicating Spider-Man as his murderer and revealing his secret identity to the world via J. Jonah Jameson of The Daily Bugle. Peter, his friends, and his family are all besieged by legal and social avalanches including media mobs as he faces federal charges. Due to safety concerns, Peter moves in with Happy, but it is Matt Murdock who comes in to handle the legal challenges faced by Peter.

Murdock makes it clear that the case against him holds no merit at all and he shouldn’t be feeling concerned about any litigations aimed at him. While discussing all the liabilities, a brick crashes through the window, which is caught by Matt Murdock with barely any exertion. When Peter asks him how he did it, he coyly replies, “I’m a good lawyer.” This is the only time we see Matt Murdock in the film, but it sets his presence and gives an opportunity for Peter to call him in the future.

What is Matt Murdock’s future in MCU?

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

No Way Home sees Doctor Strange wiping the memory of Peter Parker from the rest of the world, as if he never existed. Aunt May gets killed by Green Goblin and by the end of the film, Peter is more lonely than he’s ever been and he has to build his identity all over again. With no personal connections and legal issues ahead of him, Matt Murdock gives a really interesting opportunity to him.

Having a sense of Murdock’s abilities already, Peter might suspect that he is an enhanced individual, even if he doesn’t make a connection between Daredevil and him. Furthermore, Kingpin from the Daredevil series also debuted in Hawkeye on Wednesday which hints at future crossovers or inclusion of Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones in the MCU.

Of all properties attached to Marvel, Daredevil was among the first efforts that garnered a lot of positive critical and fan acclaim, thanks to its dark tonality and close-quarters combat choreography. As Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to broaden its horizon, it will be really interesting to see how this folds into the beginning of a larger migration of other Marvel characters back home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is out in theaters now.

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