‘No Writing Pointless Songs, No Shade, No Pettiness’: Fans Applaud Shakira for Not Using Her Stature to Malign Pique, Claim Other Celebs Like Taylor swift Could Learn a Lot

Colombian singer Shakira is the very definition of a strong woman who knows how to deal with problems. The 45-year-old singer is currently dealing with two lawsuits, which are affecting both her personal and professional life. The singer was in a relationship with Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique for around twelve years however the couple split up and share two children, Milan and Sasha.

Hollywood Singer Shakira

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The Colombian singer is already facing a lawsuit regarding tax evasion, she could end up being in prison for eight years and would have to pay a fine of $24M if convicted. However, she is still fighting with everything on her own.

Fans Praise Shakira For Not Maligning Gerard Pique’s Stature

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Former Couple Shakira and Gerard Pique

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The rumors about the former couple’s split began to swirl around three months ago with reports claiming that the former was having an alleged affair while cheating on his partner. While many outlets claimed that they have already started living separately. Though the news was never addressed by the singer, she never harmed her ex-partner in any way and maintained decency even after breaking up.

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In a recent tweet, a fan praised the singer by calling her a ‘gift’ stating, “Shakira is teaching us how to deal with the worst phase of our lives. No shade, no hints on social networks, no pettiness, being strong, powerful, and above all showing at every moment that one is worth a lot and that life goes on despite the sorrows. She’s truly a gift.”

Why is Shakira Becoming a Fan-Favourite?

Shakira fans are considering her a gift due to her spirit of moving on

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Even when Shakira is surrounded by problems, she is facing them and moving on in her life even though she is making headlines almost every day. The fact that she is a megastar is something she can use to her advantage though she is not maligning the Barcelona footballer’s reputation in any way and focusing on her children.

While many celebrities try to gain empathy and fame from their hard times especially Taylor Swift who had been the center of attraction when it comes to her dating history. She not only tries to show her pain to the entire world but also tries to defame her exes’ lovers through her songs. In the song Better Than Revenge, she attacks a woman who she thinks stole her boyfriend, and allegedly blamed actress Camilla Belle for stealing Jonas from her with a report speculating her 12 songs that were based on her ex-lovers.

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