“Nobody was talking to her or going near her”: Future Queen Kate Middleton Was Humiliated And Left Alone by Royal Family Including King Charles

Kate Middleton is a royal sweetheart. The princess of Wales, whose real name is Catherine Middleton, is everyone’s favorite in the royal house. She has managed to win everyone’s hearts with her demeanor and natural grace. No wonder she is loved by all.

But there was a time when she was not the popular figure she is currently. And it is only natural that she went through that phase. Apparently, there was once a party where Kate Middleton was not granted a lot of respect in royal circles. One of those times has recently come to light.

Kate Middleton, Then – A Nobody

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was not that well known in royal circles before her marriage to Prince WilliamsWhen Prince (now King) Charles was celebrating his 60th birthday more than a decade ago, Kate Middleton was not really a popular figure. She was no doubt a personality to be reckoned with, a real beauty, but she was not yet married to her future husband, and presently the Prince of Wales, Prince Williams.

The two were just dating each other at the time, and things were nascent between the two. Their marriage was still 3 years down the line. This meant that she did not enjoy the popular status enjoyed by other big people at the party back then. And hence she had no person who would specifically go to talk to her.

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Kate Middleton was Left Alone

Kate Middleton wearing gaudy pearl necklace in Queen's funeral
Kate Middleton was not in the thick of affairs at King Charles’s 60th birthday party

Kate Middleton was reportedly “left alone” at the event because of this reason. The same was recalled by Grant Harrold, who was a former royal butler, in a conversation with MyLondon. He had worked for King Charles III for close to seven years. And he did the honors of chatting with her until her then-beau returned to talk to her.

He reminisced about the day,

“There was a marquee and everything. I remember Kate was standing in the middle on her own. And nobody was talking to her or going near her because they didn’t know who she was or recognise her. I went over and chatted to her while we waited for Will to come in and it was quite sweet.”

That is indeed sweet.

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Kate Middleton, Now – A Royalty

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton has seen her popularity skyrocket ever since then

But times have changed. Kate Middleton now happens to be one of the biggest and most well-known personalities around the world, despite not being an active celebrity. The same has been pointed out by Harrold in the interview. He said,

“But, now, could you imagine Kate in the middle of a room and no one speaking to her? It just wouldn’t happen, she’d be mobbed. She was just great, she was down to earth, she was fun, with a wonderful sense of humour.”

Now, she enjoys a special place in court and commands all the respect in the world.

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Source: Geo TV

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