‘Nobody’s Asked Me To Do a Marvel’: Christopher Walken’s Hatred for MCU Irks Fans After He Calls Them a Waste of Money

Academy Award winner Christopher Walken joins the list of Marvel movie criticizers. The actor started his career in the 1950s and is best known for his roles in movies like The Deer Hunter and Catch Me If You Can. Walken joins the list of Hollywood directors like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola who have claimed that Marvel films are not cinema.

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Christopher Walken expressed his opinion about the Marvel 

Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken

Walken got widespread acclaim for his recent role on the Apple TV+ show Severance. On the promotion of his new show, The Outlaws, Christopher Walken spoke on The Sydney Morning Herald about Marvel. He criticized how Marvel keeps churning similar content and has a prototype that they follow. “Nobody’s asked me to do a Marvel! But I think it’s too bad that with a movie that costs $200 million to make. You know, dozens of smaller movies could be made for that money.”

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History of Marvel debate

The cast of Avengers End Game

The Marvel hate debate has a long history but was in the limelight in 2019 when Martin Scorsese said that MCU movies are not cinema and that they were more similar to “theme parks.” While stating his reason for his hatred for Marvel films, Christopher Walken added, “And then it’s too bad that if you make a movie now. it’s unlikely to be seen in a [cinema] unless it’s one of those big ones. The smaller movies more likely go straight to the small screen.”

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What to expect from Marvel movies?

MCU Avengers
MCU Avengers

Debates about Marvel movies have always been the talk of the town. With many celebrities hating Marvel for its same pattern of movies, the franchise is expanding day by day. Christopher Walken’s statement gave voice to people who do not like Marvel movies. However, one can not deny that the franchise is not the same as the one that started with the first Iron Man was released in 2008. 

Source – The Sydney Morning Herald

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