‘Normal people stopped giving a sh*t about Harvard a decade ago’: Kim Kardashian is ‘Proud of SKIMS’ Being Taught as a Course at Harvard Business School

Kim Kardashian is an influential personality in the Hollywood industry who has even reached to world’s renowned institution, Harvard Business School with her shapewear line SKIMS. It is no doubt that the brand has done extremely well in the industry and made the socialite proud with what it achieved within a few years. This is why her new proud moment is also gaining much attention.

Kim Kardashian
American celebrity, Kim Kardashian

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The 42-year-old socialite is already a renowned personality in the industry which is why her Harvard Business School visit also came with lots of mixed reactions from the fans.

Kim Kardashian Boasted About Her SKIMS Brand Being Taught as a Course at Harvard Business School

Kim Kardashian at Harvard Business School
Kim Kardashian at Harvard Business School [Courtesy: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram]
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The fashion mogul, Kim Kardashian was recently invited by the prestigious, Harvard Business School to talk about the success of her shape-wear brand, SKIMS. This brand of hers which went to market in 2019 doubled in value to a whopping $3.2 billion as per reports released last year.

The aspiring lawyer allegedly gave a 2-hour lecture for a class called HBS Moving Beyond DTC about her brand discussing her marketing and the challenges she faced with the brand. She was accompanied by the co-founder of SKIMS, Jens Grede who wrote on socials about how her brand was given as a class assignment to MBA students.

While her lecture might have covered what she dealt with the brand, not many were happy about her joining the institution as a guest lecturer.

Fans Trolled Kim Kardashian for Flaunting About SKIMS Being a Course in The Institution

Kim Kardashian at Harvard business school
Kim K at Harvard business school [Source: NBC Boston]
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Even though the reality star was quite happy about the new feat she achieved via her successful brand, social media users are not much in support of her thoughts.

To share about her time as a guest lecturer at the prestigious school, she wrote on Twitter,

“I’m so proud of Skims and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!!”

Many users took to the platform and shared their opinions on the honor Kardashian received recently.

Check out the tweet here.

Many users pointed out that the mother of four claiming her brand to be a “course” at HBS is quite inaccurate as she was invited to HBS Moving Beyond DTC which is a short-term intensive program school offered to MBA students. Even after that, it is quite a great opportunity for her to get invited by the school. 

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Twitter

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