‘Not a single Christian has sent me a letter’: Andrew Tate’s Brother Tristan Makes Controversial Comment, Says Christians Don’t Support Them Following S*x-Ring Allegations

Andrew Tate is no stranger to controversy. The American-British kickboxer is known around the world for his misogynistic remarks. But he has other ways of getting into the news. He has a stellar criminal record over the years, culminating in his arrest in Romania.

Top G has been accused of numerous offenses, with the latest addition to the list being the allegations of a s*x-racket scandal. The allegations have seen him getting shunned by a large section (as if they already didn’t). One such section, according to his brother is the Christians.

Andrew Tate behind bars for allegations of s*x-trafficking

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate was put behind bars

Andrew Tate has been accused of running a s*x trafficking ring. It was alleged that he was running a s*x-syndicate behind all the presence he had built online on his social media handles. According to Romanian authorities, which nabbed him last month, one of his victims was lured on the pretense of marriage.

This was how low he had allegedly stooped. When the Romanian authorities finally caught him and his brother Tristan Tate for their offenses, the people were elated, a menace to the society, who was vocal and had a sizable following, was finally put behind bars.

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Received support from all corners

Andrew Tate detained in Romania
Andrew Tate received support from people

Tate now sits in Romania, waiting to get out of the detention center. And while he awaits his fate, his supporters can’t help but hope that his release comes soon. They have poured in their blessings through all mediums. But his brother Tristan Tate has noted a notable group that is conspicuous because of its absence. That is the Christians.

His brother Tristan Tate took to Twitter to share the detail. He tweeted:

“My brother has received thousands of letters from Muslim supporters around the world. Not a single Christian has sent me a letter.”

It seems Top G’s conversion to Islam has had an impact on his following.

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Andrew Tate made his conversion official last year

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate offered Namaaz

It was last October that the 36-year-old made the call to change his religion and convert from Christianity to Islam. He took to Twitter to disclose the news, even citing a verse from Quran. Soon afterward a video of him praying in a mosque along with Tam Khan began to make rounds on TikTok.

The MMA fighter also revealed that the Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Story podcaster was doing it not for publicity, that the video was not a PR stunt by Tate, and was made at his own behest, to spread positivity. That might have been the 41-year-old’s aim. But spreading positivity is not something which Andrew Tate’s general aim is.

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Source: Twitter

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