“Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good” is an iconic line said by Peter Parker in the last moments of Avengers: Infinity War. But now it looks like it reflects the real world conversation going around Peter Parker/Spider-Man character. In the last few days Marvel and Sony have been renegotiating their deal to share the web slinger on the big screen. But talks have come to a standstill leaving Spidey’s movie future uncertain.

The Marvel And Sony Deal To Share Spider-Man

The Sony and Marvel deal has now hit a snag. Pic courtesy: bleedingcool.com
The Sony and Marvel deal has now hit a snag. Pic courtesy: bleedingcool.com

The 2015 Spider-Man deal was simple. Marvel and Sony weren’t co-funding any of the movies but kept all the profits from the ones they worked on. This is not to mention all the money from merchandise sales, the rights of which belonged to Disney. But five movies later the situation is different. No one could have predicted this happening. With Spider-Man: Far From Home grossing a billion at the box office, everyone thought that there was no way the deal between Sony and Disney won’t be renewed.

Right now Disney reportedly wants a 50% budget/profit split but Sony is keen on not rocking the boat and keeping the situation as it is. Things have been further complicated, because with Venom’s box office success and Into the Spider-Verse’s Oscar win, Sony doesn’t necessarily have to rely on MCU connections anymore to keep their once sinking ship afloat.

Will Spider-Man’s Departure Affect The MCU?

Spider-Man leaving the MCU will affect it adversely. Pic courtesy: news18.com
Spider-Man leaving the MCU will affect it adversely. Pic courtesy: news18.com

While most are focusing on how it’s important for Sony to keep the deal going, but keeping Spider-Man in the MCU is important for Marvel as well.

Spider-Man’s connection with Iron Man formed the bedrock of the MCU after Tony’s own arc ended in Iron Man 3. With Peter, Tony had someone who he had to care for and grow to be the father figure he never received. The weight of that responsibility along with Peter death in Avengers: Infinity War was a major driving force althrough Endgame and towards Tony’s final Snap. Without Spider-Man, Tony’s story would have remained hollow.

The final stages of The Infinity Saga positioned him as a core hero and the successor to Iron Man. He is also the one main character besides Thor with the most franchise appearances and Far From Home only added to that. Along with that, Far From Home also ended on a bombshell of J.K. Simmons’ return, Peter’s secret identity being revealed, Avengers Towers’ secret purchaser being theorized to be Norman Osborn etc. To suddenly lose all of that promise built on so much hard work will be a major blow to a universe which now has the X-Men and Fantastic Four. But there is no need to lose all heart because as per the latest reports, the situation is in flux and there is a possibility of talks restarting.

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(Source: screenrant.com and Esquire.com)

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