Captain America is the bastion of human spirit. He represents ideals and values all humanity should always strive for. But even the infallible Captain America has a past so dark it sometimes makes us loathe him.

Joined Hydra

How could we have not included this entry into this list? Captain America’s ‘Hail Hydra’ moment is a legendary piece of comic book history. This is something no fan will ever forget. Captain America has fought Hydra all his life., He lives and breathes to defeat Hydra and exterminate it from the planet. So to see the Red Skull use a Cosmic Cube to rewrite Cap’s history, turning him into a Hydra sleeper cell was painful and heart-wrenching. the stain on Captain America’s legacy due to this controversial moment is permanent.

Killed Jack Flag

Do you know Captain America had another sidekick apart from Bucky Barnes? His name was Jack Flag. He was an obnoxious little brat who blindly believed in America despite all its follies, bordering on fanaticism at times. Even still, Jack Flag was a pretty likable character. And Jack Flag got a very morbid end to his story. When Captain America revealed his allegiance towards Hydra, he killed Jack Flag by pushing him off the plane. Flag fell to his death. The fans were not pleased with the way Captain America killed one of his staunchest allies.

Led The Red Scare Riots

When captain America was born, the War in Europe against the Axis was raging on. As a result, Captain America became the symbol of allied solidarity. With the war ending, Marvel had to reconsider what Captain America stood for in the new world. The Cold war was in full swing and anti-communist sentiments ran high. The Red Scare was a phenomenon that gripped America in the Fifties and Sixties. America was scared the communists will take over t5he nation. Witch hunts to find suspected communists and dole out punitive punishment were common back then. in the comics, Captain America became the symbol of these Red scare witch hunts. he did not just hunt Commies. He hunted people of different color, races, and political ideologies.

Killed Black Widow

Black Widow and Captain America are allies. They have watched each other’s backs since time immemorial. But there indeed came a time when Captain America had to make a choice. Should he sacrifice himself or kill Black Widow to save his own skin? Surprisingly, the generally self-less Cap chose the latter. In the comics, a prophecy foretold that Miles Morales would one day kill Captain America. Black Widow wanted to stop the teenage superhero from having blood on his hands. Captain America decided to dispatch the kid aka kill him in cold blood to end the threat to his life. When Black Widow got in his way, Cap used his shield to break her neck.

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Kickstarted The Civil War

Make no mistake, Civil War is a classic story line that will forever be loved by the masses. The Superhuman Registration Act divided the heroes on ideological grounds. Captain America led the anti-SRA faction. Throughout the Civil War arc, Cap led his team in ways that eventually created unfathomable rift between the Avengers, the repercussions of which are still felt today. In the end, Captain America ended up regretting his actions, pondering if there was a better way to fight with the government that just taking up arms against the authorities. He tried to make amends by surrendering himself but met a darker fate when a brain-washed Sharon carter shot him.

Serial Quitter

Captain America, for all his near super-human physical attributes, is still human. The serum only makes him the best of humanity. it doe snot make him infallible. Cap’s greatest superpower is his ability to stand up to any threat, no matter how big. His inhuman amount of persistence in the face of evil is what makes him a superhero. But Captain America has also quit being the same person he represents. Twice, in fact!! When Nixon died, Captain America was frustrated with American Politics and quit being Cap. He quit a second time later on and was replaced with John walker, a more violent and Machiavellian version of Captain America. Both the times, instead of fighting back and doing something about the situation, Cap decided to run away.

Fought For Hitler

If you think Captain America’s ‘Hail Hydra’ moment was bad, wait until you see this. Captain America was created to fight the Nazis and beat them in their own game. Hydra, although a racist organization, had its own set of ideals. It wanted a world of order and harmony regardless of the xenophobic foundations they wanted this world to be based upon. The same could not be said of the Nazis. They were much more devastatingly racist. The Third Reich had to be put down because it was built on sheer hatred and bigotry. This is probably a secret Disney wants to keep buried. In a very old Captain America issue, the Red Skull brings the Captain America to Hitler. Cap is no longer punching the mustached dictator in the face. he is their to give the Nazi salute and parade around Europe for his cause.

Hypocrisy On Drug Addiction

When America was waging its war on drugs, the comic books took to the pages to show their support and solidarity. Captain America became the stalwart of American resistance against drugs. In one issue, Captain America decided to single-handedly destroy all the drug caches of a powerful drug cartel that specialized in manufacturing Super-Meth (don’t ask). When Captain America blew up the entire operation, the super meth got into his system and mixed with the super soldier serum in his veins. The result – Captain America was addicted to this Super-Meth. We know this happened by accident, but Captain America claimed he found the entire experience “interesting”. Now this is the same guy who appears on all videos across schools instructing children to stay in school and not do drugs.

Super Soldier – Super Racist

Although he stands for the true American Dream – Justice, Liberty, and Equality for all, there are times even that was put into question. Comic book characters are slaves to the time and era. They reflect what was the prevailing ideal in society back then, even though that ideal was full of bigotry and racism. Captain America of the past is a symbol of some age old xenophobia and classic American racism. Rogers used to once carry a Shield with a Swastika symbol. He would regularly fight African-Americans at first sight, presuming beforehand all of them were thieves and thugs. He regularly insulted people for their race and ethnicity with rampart use of offensive slurs.

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A Terrible Womanizer

Captain America has, well, been around. He is the epitome of the human spirit. The guy represents the best of mankind. So no matter which era he belongs to, there will always be Captain America fans. And this fame has made Cap a hit with the ladies. Starting from Peggy Carter to her descendent Sharon carter, there’s a long list of women Captain America has been involved with. Some of them were related to Peggy by blood, some were not. There is an instance in the comic books where Steve dated Peggy as well as her sister at the same time. In the end, Cap always manages to wash his hands off of the women he is with citing some crap excuse like he lives a life of danger or did not want to hurt their feelings. Yeah right! The women knew you were Steve Rogers so don’t state the obvious Cap!!! Thy knew what they were getting into. You just got bored of them is all.

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