‘Nothing wrong with having texture on your skin’: Amidst Body-shaming Fiasco, Lizzo Shares Her Skincare Routine Proving She Never Gave a Damn About the Haters

Recently Lizzo took to TikTok to share her skincare routine. She shared that being on tour made her skin break out along with itchiness and irritations. According to Lizzo, she has extremely sensitive skin, and therefore accidentally using a scented soap resulted in her skin reacting badly. She went on to explain her skin-care routine step by step which included cleaners and sheet masks etc.

Afterward, another video, a follow-up was shared in which she gave an update on her skin after using the products. In the skin-care video, Lizzo spoke about living with textured skin and not worrying about it.

Lizzo’s Candid Skin-care Routine


The Juice singer got very candid while performing her daily skin-care routine in a video shared on TikTok. She did not hesitate to put herself on display as she stripped down up to her chest to show the fans how her skin had been during her tour.

Lizzo shared about her extremely sensitive skin and how the tour and accidental use of scented soap had been affecting it. She said her skin was breaking out not just on her face but also on her chest. While being on full display, her textured skin was also clearly visible, Lizzo added that there was no shame in having textured skin instead the issue was with the constant itchiness and irritations on her skin.

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Then she provided the viewers with getting unready from the tour and explained,

“Full disclosure, there’s nothing wrong with having texture on your skin. My issue is the itchiness that’s been happening and the irritation.”


The first step of her skin-care routine was the Cetaphil cleanser which was suggested to Lizzo by her make-up artist. She also applied some cleanser on her chest skin. In the next step, she put on Arnica’s relied and rescue mask and then completed the routine with a serum facial sheet mask from Cicapair. The About Damn Time singer said she let her eyelashes on since she had to facetime her boo later.

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Lizzo shared her Skin-care Routine Follow-up video


The next day, the Juice singer posted a follow-up video captioned “It’s Better” of her previous night’s skin-care routine on TikTok. She provide an update to her viewers by removing the sheet mask saying that there was no itchiness or irritations anymore. She said,

“My skin is significantly less itchy, irritated, and angry. I feel really good about what I just did.”

Lizzo also further added that her chest skin also felt better than the previous night. Afterward, the 34-year-old singer gave a pro tip regarding keeping the skin good which was to use a satin pillowcase. She shared that she brought her own pillowcase on the tour which helped in lessening the itchiness.

Lizzo is currently on tour promoting her latest album Special.

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