Nova Confirmed To Come To MCU With Moon Knight Writer Attached

When Richard Rider was chosen by the random Centurion to receive his powers and abilities, he felt worthless and unusually weak. So before showing off his powers in public, Richard trained himself extensively. He did it so that he could become an expert at using his powers. Rider could potentially come into contact with the Skrulls. He also has ties to Ms. Marvel due to her upcoming movie which will likely be seen by many fans. With that being said, Rider is granted the Nova Force, and it makes him significantly stronger than other characters. He has taken down many villains in his time, including Silver Surfer.

Richard Rider in Marvel Comics
Richard Rider in Marvel Comics

Who Is Richard Rider In Marvel Comics?

Created by Wolfman and Buscema, Nova got his first appearance in 1976 and has been a popular superhero for decades. With little background information being given about his back when he was first introduced, it only added to the suspense and overall intensity that one experiences as they are flipping through the pages of their favorite comic books. It’s clear from the start that Nova is a superhero with all kinds of potential. This is because he does what people expect from someone like a superhero would dare to do which is help those in trouble even if it means putting himself into perilous situations. Initially, he hardly had any powers but has since evolved into someone far more powerful who can shoot blasts of different kinds. Rider even joined forces with other superheroes like Gamora, who happens to be an assassin, Rocket Racoon, and many more.

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Richard Rider, AKA Nova Force
Richard Rider, AKA Nova Force

Marvel Studios Has Plans For Richard Rider

Marvel Studios has confirmed that the Nova project is coming and they have assigned Sabir Pirzada (the Moon Knight writer) to work on it. We don’t know what will happen with the Thunderbolts and Shang Chi movies. But, we do know that at least one is happening as Marvel Studios has confirmed they are in development. They may get made as Disney+ shows instead if Marvel plans to keep their focus mostly on the MCU rather than stand-alone TV projects.

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Richard Rider in Marvel Universe
Richard Rider in Marvel Universe

Sabir Pirzada Wrote Marvel’s Moon Knight And Will Also Draft Nova (Richard Rider)

Pirzada wrote episodes 3 and 4 of Marvel’s Moon Knight. The show will follow Marc Spector (Oscar Issac), a mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (a.k.a. multiple personality disorder). He is then thrown into a mystery where he must save the world from the Egyptian Gods and evil cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). Pirzada has also written for television shows such as Roswell, Person of Interest, and New Mexico.

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With that being said, this summer Disney+ will premiere its first at-home project with a brand new show called Moon Knight and they’re adding Ms. Marvel to the MCU this year as well. We have yet to find out if or how she will be tied to the rest of the universe, but we can expect that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will appear too in some capacity.

No casting details or official release information is there from Marvel’s end regarding the upcoming Nova project. However, Moon Knight is all set to get its premiere on 30th March 2022 and Ms. Marvel on 8th June 2022.

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