‘Now Apologize to Halle Berry’: Oscars Apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for Racist Abuse, Fans Now Want Apology for Halle Berry’s 2003 Forced Kiss With Adrian Brody

Sacheen Littlefeather, a native American actor and activist encountered disrespect and harassment when she declined Marlin Brando’s Oscars at the 45th Academy Awards Ceremony in 1973. The 26-year-old Sacheen Littlefeather became one of the first celebs to make a political remark at the Academy Awards Ceremony when she went on to receive the Best Actor Award on behalf of Marlon Brando’s role in The Godfather movie. As she gave the speech about the representation of Native Americans in the entertainment industry, many applauded her and booed her at the same time. 

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Sacheen Littlefeather

Apology statement from the Oscars to Sacheen Littlefeather 

Sacheen Littlefeather
Sacheen Littlefeather at the Oscars

Ater nearly 50 years, Academy’s president David Rubin apologized in the organization’s apology letter and said, “The abuse you endured because of this statement was unwarranted and unjustified.” The letter later read, 

“The emotional burden you have lived through and the cost to your own career in our industry are irreparable. For too long the courage you showed has been unacknowledged. For this, we offer both our deepest apologies and our sincere admiration.”

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Netizens’ reaction to the apology and demanding an apology for Halle Berry

Halle Berry Oscars
Halle Berry kissing Adrian Brody.

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As the letter got over the internet, netizens voiced against the Academy to apologize for Halle Berry’s 2003 forced kiss with Adrian Brody. During the 75th Annual Academy Awards, Adrien Brody received an award for his work in The Pianist. Adrien Brody became the youngest man to win an Oscar but he was headlining for notoriously forcing a kiss on Halle Berry.

A user voiced, “Sacheen Littlefeather deserved better”.

Another user posted a video of the ceremony when Sacheen Littlefeather gave the statement.

“Was it Churchill who said that ‘America always does the right thing…after they’ve tried everything else first’?”, added another.

While refering to the Will Smith controversy, a user posted, “I’m still waiting for Adrien Brody to apologise to Halle Berry”.

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“Jesus taught that whenever people praise you the skies you should worry about your soul”, added another user. 

Amidst all the remarks, Sacheen Littlefeather has not responded to the controversy. However, with this gesture, The Academy depicted the necessity of respect and the importance of human dignity that every artist must get.
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