‘Now I Have a Chef, a Nutritionist and a Trainer’: As the World Crashes and Burns, American DJ and Frequent Kanye West Collaborator Irv Gotti Brags About $300M Paycheck

Irv Gotti is the CEO and the co-founder of Murder Inc. Records. He is also a music producer, DJ, and record executive. The multiplicity of professions surely earns him millions considering how huge the American music industry is. The CEO recently talked about his experience of earning hundreds of millions after he sold the master recordings belonging to Murder Inc., a company that he founded with his brother, Chris Gotti, in 1998.

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Irv Gotti talks about how becoming rich impacted his lifestyle

Irv Gotti with his brother Chris Gotti
Irv Gotti with his brother Chris Gotti

The DJ sold the master recording for a whopping $100 million and was paid another huge sum of $200 million to produce films and tv shows. The music producer stated that earning such a huge amount of money made him act carefully. He told Page Six,

“I [had] the reaction of, ‘Yo you can’t f–k this up,’ so I kind of got cheaper. Everyone was calling me, and I’m like — No, just wait a second, cause I gotta get used to having this bread.”

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Irv Gotti says he didn’t spend too much despite all the money he earned

Irv Gotti
Irv Gotti is careful with his expenditure

His use of money was the opposite of what most people do when they earn such a huge amount of money. He stated,

“You know what’s so crazy? You would think when I got all this money, I would go out and go on a crazy spending spree. [I] stared at my bank account for maybe like 30 minutes. I got a little emotional, I am the youngest of eight so its like ‘Pop, I made it.'”

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Irv Gotti’s expenditure is focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Irv Gotti
Irv Gotti is taking care of his health with his money

However, the DJ, who has worked with big names such as Kanye West, did spend money on ensuring a healthy life. He said,

“Now I have a chef, a nutritionist, and a trainer. I got to eat right, and I got to workout to live longer. I’m 52 years old, so you damn right I’m tired. I’m getting old, and that’s what we got trainers for, so I’m getting healthy now.”

The music producer might not be overspending, but he surely is spending on what matters most to him. However, making such choices are only possible when one is as privileged as him.

Source: Page Six

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