‘Now that I’m retired I’ve time to see ’80 for Brady’ 4 times a day’: Tom Brady Uses Retirement Card To Troll Himself in a Bid To Make More People Watch His New Movie

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. aka Tom Brady posted on his Twitter handle for the first time on February 3rd after announcing his final retirement a few days prior. Interestingly enough, this American football quarterback’s first social media post was about his latest film 80 for Brady. 

He not only co-starred in the movie but also produced it. 

On Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, just hours before announcing his retirement from the NFL, Brady walked the red carpet for the premiere of his new film, 80 For Brady. The father of three spoke exclusively to People about watching the film’s premiere with his children while he was on the red carpet for the first time since his divorce was finalized.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

It seems the former football star has plenty of free time to watch his movie now that he is officially retired. According to reports, Brady’s post-retirement life has gotten off to an exciting start with some Jane Fonda news and his new movie premiere.  

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Tom Brady reveals his first to-do thing after final retirement

Once again, Tom Brady has declared his retirement. The former NFL legend made this retirement announcement a second time. He tweeted the information out. The first thing he posted was about his new film. Brady claims that he will be watching 80 for Brady not just once, but four times a day. This could involve a variety of outings, sometimes with family and other times with friends.

“Now that I’m retired I have time to go see @80forBrady four separate times today,” Brady wrote on Twitter. 

Naturally, the responses were amusing to the fans. Some people simply made fun of Brady because he seemed to have a lot of free time. Some cracked jokes, while others advised him to simply slink away between the theater seats. In this manner, he will avoid having to keep paying for the movie.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

The football star had previously attended the film premiere, where his awkward pose amused his fans. He did, however, later apologize for being clumsy in the photo.

“What do you do with your hands at a movie premiere?,” he said.

Brady included a link on his social media handle which his fans could use to buy the film’s tickets to watch in Fandango.

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Why 80 for Brady film secretly celebrates the Patriots star’s legacy

Tom Brady has been creating content devoid of Hollywood for literally three decades on the football ground. There were 23 seasons, seven rings, and three successful MVPs. And now, at the age of 45, he leaves behind one irreplaceable legacy. 

The focus of the film 80 for Brady is on four elderly women who adore Brady. Four friends who decide to watch the 2017 Super Bowl are the main subject of the film. The film, which premieres a week before Super Bowl LVII, featured Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin, and Sally Field as the main lead. They are all multigenerational entertainers who have either won or been nominated for an Academy Award. Additionally, all four first gained limelight on screen in the 1960s, making them a natural fit for Brady’s film.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

80 For Brady hits theaters on 3 February 2023. 

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