‘Now whole America knows’: Kim Kardashian Trolled for Her Involvement in the 1MDB Scandal after Admitting Conman Jho Low Financed Her $100K Fireworks in Kanye West Wedding

Kim Kardashian is always making headlines for one reason or another. And in most cases, she faces backlash from the internet due to her constant controversial decisions. She has always been one of those personalities who are not so much loved by fans around the world. The American socialite has been involved in many controversies since her rise to fame in 2007. However, most of the controversies that she was involved in were not criminal in nature. But, the American socialite once revealed in 2019 that she was once involved with the Malaysian businessman turned fugitive, Jho Low.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

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Jho Low is a Malaysian fugitive businessman who was involved in the infamous 1MDB scandal. According to sources, Low was allegedly the mastermind behind the 1MDB scandal in which he stole almost $4.5 billion.

Kim Kardashian was involved with Jho Low back in the early 2010s

Back in 2019, Kim Kardashian revealed to the FBI that she was involved with Jho Low back in the early 2010s. The American socialite also revealed the nature of her peculiar friendship with the conman. The SKIMS founder recalled that she once played a game of Baccarat at a casino in Las Vegas with Low. Kim K further added that she had won a big hand of almost $350,000 but when she went to cash it out at the casino, she was given only $250,000 in “a trash bag full of one hundred dollar bills.”

Jho Low
Jho Low

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Kim K further revealed that she collected the remaining $100,000 on her other trip to Vegas later.

Jho Low allegedly attended The Kardashians star’s wedding to Kris Humphries

Back in 2011, Kim Kardashian got married to the NBA star, Kris Humphries for a brief period of 72 days. The American socialite also invited Low to the wedding and loaded the duo with generous gifts. Jho Low allegedly gifted almost $305,000 to Kim K as her wedding gift. Kim Kardashian further revealed to the FBI that Low also paid almost $100,000 at Kim K’s wedding for the iconic fireworks.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

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When Kim K’s involvement with Low was revealed to the public, netizens took to Twitter to troll the American socialite. One Malaysian user trolled the SKIMS founder and wrote, “We paid for Kim’s wedding that didn’t last long.

One user asked for a refund for only the fireworks as the wedding only lasted for 72 days.

Meanwhile, some tweets were just outright outrageous.

Kim Kardashian even tried to mess with Jho Low after she got into a relationship with Kanye West. She said that couple was just trying to mess with Low and therefore asked him for a Monet instead when Low offered to gift her a painting by Basquiat.

Source: Bloomberg and Twitter

Shikhar Tiwari
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