Observe Valentine’s Day With A Couple Of Marvel’s Most Famous Couples

 Apart from being home to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the MCU is also home to some remarkably strong relationships. In terms of both power levels and attraction, viewers have fallen in love with some couples almost as frequently as the characters themselves. This Valentines Day makes it even more special to revisit these iconic couples and celebrate their love. 

Here is a list of some of the best pairings in Marvel.


Love story of Scarlet witch and Wanda Vision has always been very exciting. They met for the first time while pursuing a mission with Avengers. While Wanda entered the team with the Brotherhood of Mutants, Scarlet joined the team as he was created by Ultron enemy of Avengers. They met for the first time when Arkon, the tyrannical brute-overlord, had taken Wanda to another dimension as he wanted to marry her. Vision saved Scarlet with best of his efforts and Scarlet also protected him. This love story can be experienced in the Wandavision series.

Another tragic love story from the Avengers is between the couple Hawkeye and Mockingbird. In the series of Secret Invasion, Clint and Bobby were working together in the secret organization of Bobby. Both are partners and trying to make it work in that organization, but their pasts came back to trouble them. When they fought with villain Crossfire, Clint took it so far as he lashed out violently.



    Another special love story is Jean-paul and Kyle Landau in Astonishing X- Men in 2012 after Kyle was under mind control and was forced to attack his beloved. But despite this happening they got married. Their marriage is so special because it’s the first gay marriage in the history of comics. These kinds of love stories are worth celebrating on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Rogue and Gambit are the most famous couples from X-Men. As both of them have to suppress secrets from each other and Rogue couldn’t physically touch anyone got in the path of their relationship. But now things have changed drastically.



     Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have always been one of the most celebrated comic book couple. Even though their relationship is quite uncertain there is no absence of romance between the two. Whenever they are together there is nothing that they can’t achieve. Their love story is one of the most influential forces in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The perfect romantic couple to be celebrated on Valentine’s day.


      It’s not necessary that love can happen once in a life, it can happen many a time. Like, wise it happened with Peter Parker, though he loved Mary Jane, but Gwen Stacy also holds an extraordinary place in the heart of Spiderman. Even though Gwen saw Peter as cold and bitter when she met him for the first time, love still blossomed between the duo at a level where the death of Gwen stays one of the great tragedies of Spiderman’s life. 


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