Obsessed with Jennifer Coolidge, Olivia Wilde Wants to Honor Her Idol With a Chest Tattoo

Jennifer Coolidge is one of the iconic Hollywood figures that people still adore. She has mostly been a side character in almost all the movies or shows she happens to be in. And that is what makes up her charm added to her unique signature way of speaking. She gained attention once again for her role in the recent show The White Lotus. And it seems Olivia Wilde is one of Coolidge’s fangirls. Recently the Don’t Worry Darling star expressed her love for Coolidge by posting a picture of them together. In addition to the picture, Wilde also suggested that she might even get a tattoo of the Legally Blonde actor on her body.

Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Obsession with Jennifer Coolidge

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

Those who are familiar with “chick flicks” will probably know about Jennifer Coolidge. She has multiple appearances as a supporting character in these films. And fittingly she won best supporting actress at the Golden Globes this year. It was for her role in The White Lotus series. The series brought Coolidge back into the limelight recently. And with the current generation’s love for the throwback of the 90s and the 2000s era has added to the fuel. And Olivia Wilde has also turned out to be a huge fan of the actress.

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Olivia Wilde with Jennifer Coolidge and others
Olivia Wilde with Jennifer Coolidge and others

And she made sure to make it known to everyone by posting a picture of herself posing with Coolidge and other celebrities. As if it was not enough, the Booksmart director also wrote along the picture saying,

Moving this pic to the grid and then to a chest tattoo most likely”

The photograph was from the Vanity Fair awards this year. Furthermore, this is not the only time Wilde has expressed her love for the actress. One time she responded to Coolidge’s wish to play the role of a dolphin if she gets the chance. Wilde replied saying “I will make this happen”. All this just goes on to show how much the Don’t Worry Darling actor loves and adores Coolidge.

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More on The White Lotus

Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus
Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus

The White Lotus is a comedy series revolving around various people living in the same hotel with the same title as the series. The iconic Jennifer Coolidge plays the role of Tanya Mcquoid who is a middle-aged single woman. And like a lot of her film characters Mcquoid is also in search of love and massage. Although she is wealthy, Mcquoid is unhappy after losing her mother. As for the series it turned out to be a great hit among fans and critics. It is set to return with season 2. And Coolidge is reported to be the only one in the new season from the previous one.

The White Lotus is available for watching on HBO Max.

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