“Oh God, this again”: Jennifer Lopez Found Out About Fans Mocking Ben Affleck

Anyone that stays updated on the world of celebrity memes will know the recent Ben Affleck in the Grammy memes. The actor attended the show with his wife Jennifer Lopez. However, what stood out about it was that Affleck looked visibly bored throughout the event. And the couple even seemed to have been having some disagreements going on with each other. But a person sitting right next to them recently shared via TiKTok that it was not at all what it seemed like. The whole time Lopez had been showing him the memes already circulating on the internet. And according to the information provider, Affleck just went on with his facial expressions throughout the party.

Jennifer Lopez Showed Ben Affleck his Memes During the Grammys

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the Grammy 2023
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the Grammys 2023

This year’s Grammy award ceremony saw numerous celebrities and among them were Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The couple did not fail to give meme-worthy moments. In many of the clips from the award show, Affleck looked seemingly bored and upset to be sitting there. And moreover, in one of the clips, J-Lo seemed to be snapping back harshly at her husband. And it did not take long for these moments to get memefied.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Recently a person that had been sitting close to the couple took to her TikTok and explained the whole thing. According to her, unlike the rumors that Lopez and Affleck were not happy with each other, the couple were all “lovey-dovey” in reality. Furthermore, reportedly, J-Lo was the one showing the Argo actor the memes. And according to the informant, he had replied with, “Oh God, this again”. The memes came out so quickly that the couple already knew about it while sitting there watching various performances. And even though at one point Lopez harshly snapped at her husband, that had been it. And according to the informant,

 “I was just so lucky to be next to them! The whole time they were cute and s**t… “

Therefore it seems, the famous couple is having any issues at the moment. And both of them, as the reports suggest are very much in love. This is good news for the fans who may have been worried after the clips came up.

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A Brief Look at The Couple’s Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot for a second time last year. They were first married back in the early 2000s but soon divorced due to differences in their future plans. While Lopez wanted to settle down and have kids, Affleck was not ready to give up his bachelor life yet. Therefore this conflict led to their ultimate split. Soon after the Argo actor met Jennifer Garner with whom he remained married for more than a decade. They share three kids but this relationship also came to an end in 2018. As for JLo, she was married to Marc Anthony who similarly came to an end. And finally in 2022 after 20 years of a gap since their divorce back in 2004, Affleck and Lope reignited their romance and tied the knot with each other.

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Source: DailyMail

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