Old Town Road: Lil Nas X Video Raids Area 51, Compiled With Several Actors And Memes

Lil Nas X has released an animated video for the most up to date remix of “Old Town Road.” It consists of memes as well as geeky popular culture recommendations.


Music Video Revolves Around Area 51

Now on its 15th week in the Billboard charts, Lil Nas X has launched a new video clip for the third remix of his country-trap crossover hit. The video features Billy Ray Cyrus, rap artist Young Thug and viral artist Mason Ramsey. This video from animator Somehoodlum sees the unlikely partners raiding Area 51.


Inspired from trending rumours, news and memes

Inspired from trending rumours, news and memes

The video’s inspirations come from the current viral news that thousands were intending to raid Area 51. The computer-animated video sees Lil Nas, and his buddies conserve Area 51 from a militia storming the government facility.


Thanos and Keanu Reeves makes an appearance

Thanos and Keanu Reeves makes an appearance

Along the road, they additionally run into a purple bird with Thanos’ head. There is also a thrown out Infinity Gauntlet with a complete collection on Infinity Stones. There are Internet songs critic Anthony Fantano watching Keanu Reeves. Reeves runs dressed in Naruto clothes, storming the gates with the Naruto run in the peculiar clip.

Just a day after its launch, the video clip has already gained over 3 million views on YouTube. It is a sure indicator that the song’s appeal hasn’t subsided despite its social saturation.


Lil Nas X’s latest EP, 7, is out currently on Columbia Records. Watch the music video for Old Town Road here:

Source: Cbr, Polygon

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