Oldest Marvel & DC Superheroes That Have Appeared In The Movies, Ranked

It’s been more than a decade now. The Superhero genre of Hollywood has sky-rocketed to monumental heights. But the superheroes of Marvel we see and love have been around for far longer than you would care to remember.

Captain America – 93 Years

Steve Rogers was born on the 4th of July, 1918. That is taken straight from the records of Marvel. He was injected with the super soldier serum when he was in his twenties. It was in the year 1945 that he crashed into the Arctic ocean, and his body remained frozen in ice for several decades. He was 27 years old when that happened. When he thawed his way into the 21st Century, 66 years had passed by. Considering we take in the age he regained consciousness, Captain America is 93 years old. He was 104 years old by the time Endgame happened. We are not factoring in his years post his time with Peggy for obvious reasons

Bucky Barnes – 97 Years

Bucky was already older than Steve Rogers. He was born on March 10, 1917, more than a year earlier than Steve Roger’s birthday. And when he was captured by Hydra and turned into the Winter Soldier, he was repeatedly put on ice, only brought back into consciousness to conduct critical missions. Cap was on ice for 66 years while Bucky went back and forth. So he has aged quite a bit while Cap rested in the Arctic. He is at least 97 years old by the time he appeared in The Winter Soldier. In Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Bucky is claimed to be 106 years old, which is chronologically accurate since it takes place in 2023.

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Wolverine – 188 Years

The Wolverine is a mutant born more than one and a half centuries ago. His mutant abilities gave him superhuman longevity. Wolverine and Sabretooth took part in many historic battles over the decades that followed. Starting from the Civil war to the Vietnam and Korean War, Wolverine has seen action every where. He even travelled to 1800’s Japan and became a Samurai there once. Logan was then put into the Weapon X program, where he became the unstoppable killing machine he is today. By the time he escaped Weapon X, he was 167 years old. When he met Professor X and the X-Men in the 2000’s, he was already in the ripe age of 188 years.

Martian Manhunter – 225 Years

His Martian physiology allows him to have total control over his molecular structure. This gives him a healing factor that would put Wolverine and Deadpool’s regeneration skills to shame. A secondary ability granted by his power of total body control is that he can control his ageing process. Martian Manhunter is merely 225 years old in DC Comics’ old post Crisis and pre New 52 universe. He is roughly of the same age now give ior take one or two years. But his powers allow him to keep on living for a long, long time. He might outlive everyone on this list and still manage to have no grey hair (it won’t complement his look anyway.)

Groot – 500+ Years

Groot’s original form was supposedly hundreds of years old. While not implicitly stated in the movies, Groot belongs to a rare species called the Flora Colossus, sentient plant like beings that have lived in secrecy for all these years. The Flora Colossus have a life-span that easily trumps average human life by a margin of multipole centuries. Before Groot ‘died’ in Infinity War, he was probably at least a few centuries old. If we were to guess, Groot is already at least half a millennia old. This makes him the oldest Guardian of the Galaxy. Groot’s species grows at a rate of 2 human years in 2 months. So even teenage Groot is on track to regain that position again.

Loki – 1400+ Years

Loki has been around long before Tony Stark revealed he was Iron Man in 2008. Odin fought the Frost Giants and defeated them, taking away two things – the Casket of Eternal Winter and Loki. This meant Loki was a baby during 965 A.D. Thor had stated in Infinity War that he is more than 1500 years old. Loki is the younger of the two but his age is pretty close to Thor’s, tapping out at a little over 1400. In Asgardian terms, he is still around 21.4 years old when he first made his appearance in Thor.

Thor – 1500 Years

The Norse God of Thunder has been around long before any other Avenger. It was when he met Guardians of the Galaxy that he divulged he is more than 1500 years old. That was in Infinity War. The events of the MCU have happened over a span of a little over a decade. So there’s a rather negligible difference to factor into the equation. This means Thor’s age is approximately 1500 years

Valkyrie – 2000 Years

The oldest Marvel superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Valkyrie, not Thor. Valkyrie was around even before Thor was born. She helped fight Hela the first time she tried usurping the throne. Post that she spent most of her time drinking and gambling on Sakaar. But it is her right to boss Thor around when she feels like it. It is because in terms of experience, she is at least half a millennia ahead of the God of Thunder.

Wonder Woman – 5000 Years

The Godkiller was a secret weapon created by Zeus to kill other Gods. Apart from a myriad of abilities at her disposal, the Gods ensured she could be around for a long, long time. Diana Prince was originally thought to be 800 years old, a huge benchmark for a group of islanders known for their incredible longevity. But it was later stated by Gal Gadot, in an interview, that the actual age of Wonder woman in the DCEU is almost 5000 years.

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Black Adam – 5000+ Years

Before the wizard Shazam chose Billy Batson to carry the torch of Shazam, he had picked another champion to play the role. Teth Adam was a prince of Kahndaq, an ancient Kingdom that prospered in the olden times. Black Adam inherited the power of six Egyptian Gods instead of the regular six gods the wizard chose as his champion’s sources. One of the many advantages of becoming a champion of Shazam apart from gaining Godlike physical and mental attributes was incredible longevity. As long as Teth Adam was in his Shazam form, he never aged. After he rebelled against the wizard, he was exiled to the far corner of the universe. Black Adam spent the next 5000 years flying through space, trying to get back to Earth. He is now more or less an anti-hero of sorts. His exploits put him at an age of more than 5000 years pretty easily.

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