‘Omg, I remember these sunglasses’: $300M Rich Paris Hilton ‘s Adorable Reaction to Fan Recalling How He Stole Her Super Expensive Christian Dior Sunglasses

This TikToker admits to stealing from a celebrity. Paris Hilton has responded to a fan who recently admitted to stealing a pair of her sunglasses over fifteen years ago. Greg Brown, who runs the popular science account @asapscience on TikTok, shared a video earlier this week to follow the viral trend in which people tell personal stories to the beat of Nicki Minaj’s song Super Freaky Girl. Brown’s take on the trend included a story from 2007 in which he and a friend stole a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses from the model.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

How Brown stole Paris Hilton’s Super Expensive Sunglasses?

On Friday, Hilton, 41, shared on social media Brown’s original video on her TikTok account alongside a video of herself, in which she appears shocked to learn that he stole from her.

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“One thing about is that I once robbed Paris Hilton, and I hope she never sees this cause I could go to jail,” Brown’s video began before he went on to explain that he was attending an M.I.A. concert in Toronto, Canada, at the time of the alleged heist.

“I left the concert, and then a big black car pulled up, and all these people screamed, and Paris Hilton got out.” 

Brown went on, “I grabbed her; there’s a photo,”  holding up a photo of the interaction as proof.

Paris Hilton claims she used to play the dumb blonde to fool everyone
Paris Hilton

After reaching the Paris in Love star, Brown recalled Hilton entering The Government in Toronto, and the car she arrived in was parked outside, unlocked, and empty, so Brown and his friend decided to get inside.

“We were laughing and screaming. We were in the car of Paris Hilton. Then my friend said, ‘Run,’ and I assumed cops were on their way, so we ran, but my friend was ecstatic because she’d stolen her Christian Dior sunglasses ” Brown elaborated “Sorry, Paris, but we have Paris Hilton’s Christian Dior sunglasses. We’re all sisters in the traveling Paris Hilton sunglasses.” He finished the video with, “So, yes, I robbed Paris Hilton. I hope that’s okay, and please don’t imprison me. You’re well-off.” 

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How Paris Hilton Reacted to the Revelation?

Paris Hilton was seen shaking her head, signaling that the incident would not get him in trouble. She laughed along with the story, captioning it, “LOL! Could you please reveal the sisterhood of traveling Paris Hilton sunglasses?” “#ButThatsHilarious” and “#ButAlsoPlsDontRobMe” were also used.

Greg Brown has since released a new video in which he reveals the stolen sunglasses and apologizes for breaking into her car and stealing the pair.

Paris Hilton and Greg Brown

“Thank you for being such a good sport,” he said, showing the sunglass. “Thank you for being KWEEN,” he wrote in the video’s caption.

Greg Brown, of course, returned to TikTok to show Paris what the sunglasses looked like.

“Paris! I’m sorry, I’m sorry for robbing you… If you want to join the Sisterhood of Traveling Sunglasses, I will gladly return them to you as long as you return them to me, kidding! You have the right to have them back. I did steal from you after breaking into your car. I’m sorry once more; I was a wild child. Thank you for being such a gentleman. I’m not sure if you want these back. Is this fashionable, like coming back? What do you think, fashion icon?”

Brown added that he would wear them this weekend in her honor.

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Paris Hilton was unconcerned about anything! “Oh my goodness, I remember these sunglasses. They look great on you, so keep them! 🥰 PS: They were never out of style #Sliving,” She captioned her video.

Source: PageSix

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