Once Superman Became What He Feared The Most, But Did This Sickness Have A Cure?

Superman once became his most feared enemy which almost resulted in him losing his Clark Kent persona. Here’s how it happened and how Lois played a major role in bringing him back.

New 52 reboot was something which fans are still divided on. But it did give rise to a lot of stories which weren’t seen before. One of the more notable Superman stories to come out during this time was Superman: Doomed. It was written by Scott Lobdell, Charles Soule and Greg Pak. The comic was illustrated by Ken Lashley, Aaron Kuder and Tony Daniel. The storyline featured something extreme- Superman becoming doomsday himself.

How Did Superman Become Doomsday?

Superman became Doomsday during a fight with him. Pic courtesy: comicnewbies.com
Superman became Doomsday during a fight with him. Pic courtesy: comicnewbies.com

Before Doomsday went on its rampage, the people of Smallville were attacked by a strange paranormal force which left a significant portion of the populace in a coma. Also along with this, Lois Lane was secretly placed under mind control by Brainiac but Superman had no knowledge of this. All this set the stage for a Superman and Doomsday fight.

Superman gradually found out that the villain had developed a virus in his body. This allowed him to incinerate anything relatively close to his proximity. Since he was the only one strong enough, so Superman decided to take on Doomsday alone.

During the battle Superman tears Doomsday in half but it results in him inhaling the toxins released from the beast’s body. After that Superman discovers that the toxins have altered his DNA and left him more prone to angry outbursts.

The inhalation of the toxins made Superman resemble his most feared enemy. So much so that there were bony protrusions emerging from his chin and knuckles. While Superman’s powers and strengths were augmented (he was even relatively unaffected by Kryptonite) but he began to lose control over his normal form. He then dubbed this form, Superdoom in his psyche.

How Was Superdoom Cured?

Superman was able to ultimately cure himself. Pic courtesy: Pinterest.com
Superman was able to ultimately cure himself. Pic courtesy: Pinterest.com

Superman gradually learned that the entire plot was schemed by Brainiac who was seeking revenge against him. Fans will know that Superman had defeated Brainiac at the beginning of New 52. Since earth was facing complete dominion by Brainiac, Superman allowed Superdoom to take control over him, which seemingly erased Clark Kent’s consciousness from his mind.

Superdoom did shatter Brainiac’s defenses but the villain revealed that he could rewrite reality by influencing the people he had mind control over- like the people of smallville.

Brainiac then restored Superman and revealed his plans to recreate his own world. But before Brainiac can do any of that, Lois regains enough control over herself to give Brainiac’s gathered psionic power to Superman. He then uses it to free everyone under Brainiac’s control while also permanently curing himself. Superman then traps himself and Brainiac in a singularity, but he manages to get out unharmed sixty days later.

If you are itching to see a version of Superman Vs Doomsday fight, then click on the video below.

(Source: cbr.com and screenrant.com)

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