For all Arrowverse fans, the existence of multiple versions of characters means that multiple worlds exist too, particularly during last season’s “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover. However, one doppelganger that’s yet to be seen is John Diggle and thanks to “Elseworlds,” we finally have an idea of just who Diggle is on another Earth — and it brings a popular fan theory to life.

Once Felicity, Diggle, Cisco, Curtis and Caitlin are done figuring out the transdimensional nature of the mysterious red skies situation — and Oliver and Barry’s predicament, all of them try to open the breach. While their first attempt failed, Earth-90’s Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) made it to Earth-1 and made a curious observation. Upon seeing Diggle, Earth-90 Barry says “John, you aren’t wearing your ring.”

You’re wondering what ring is referring to? A Green Lantern ring, the implication being that on Earth-90 Diggle is potentially the comics character John Stewart.

This idea of Diggle’s counterpart being a Green Lantern isn’t exactly a new one. Not only have fans theorized this for years, but David Ramsey himself has also said numerous times that as far as he’s concerned, his doppelganger is a Green Lantern. Earlier during a panel at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville, Ramsey told fans that his doppelganger would have a power ring, a green one to be specific.

“Well mine would have a power ring,” Ramsey said. “Mine would have a green power ring.”

Now, it seems like we do have a confirmation of that but sadly, we won’t be seeing Green Lantern Diggle anytime soon. While Earth-90 and its heroes suffered a grim end, presumably at the hands of The Monitor, which fans got to see before the beginning of ‘Elseworlds’. This scene debuted at the end of Supergirl’s midseason finale, titled “Bunker Hill”, revealing the bodies of Earth-90 heroes – out of which many of them were recognizable from various pockets of DCTV. While we didn’t see Green Lantern, it’s possible that he was killed if he was on Earth at the time, though, given the immense power of The Monitor, he may have perished even if he was off Earth considering that our first introduction to the powerful character showed him preparing to wipe out all that was left of Earth-90. Perhaps, we’ll have better luck with Green Lantern in the next crossover?

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