“One day you’re going to be my wife”: Why Did Marc Anthony Divorce Jennifer Lopez After 10 Years to Marry 31 Years Younger Nadia Ferreira?

The recent marriage of the former husband of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony to Nadia Ferreira is making headlines. This is the fourth marriage for the 54-year-old singer, who tied the knot to a 23-year-old Paraguayan model on Saturday, January 28. The wedding was held at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. When the Night is Over artist and Ferreira were married nine months after they made their engagement public. Several celebrities are said to have attended the wedding ceremony. 

Fans were really shocked by it because Anthony’s ten-year marriage to Acting Like That singer was one of the most well-known in the world. Although their marriage officially lasted only ten years, the two popular singers had been dating for some time before they even met.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira
Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira

But did he really divorce her to marry a model who is much younger? 

Did Max and Emme, the kids Jennifer Lopez had with the Vivir Mi Vida artist at the time, attend his special event?

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What led to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s breakup?

The public was shocked when two of the most well-known figures in the industry decided to get married in 2004, but the shock was even greater when the relationship was revealed to have ended ten years later. Jennifer Lopez announced to her fans that she was getting married less than a year after splitting from actor Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony did so just four days after formally divorcing Dayanara Torres.

As a result, the couple got married in June 2004 and went on to become one of the most significant musical couples in the industry. In this regard, there was speculation that their marriage was a publicity gimmick to advance both of their careers, but that speculation was disproved four years later with the birth of their twins Emme and Max.

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with their twins

Despite how strong the marriage appeared to be, JLO and Anthony decided to divorce in 2016 on friendly terms.

Since then, a number of issues that might have served as the catalyst have been discussed, but the precise factor that caused the emotional rupture has not been revealed. There were no specifics given at the time, but it was mentioned that the singer’s taste for parties eventually left his ex-wife (Lopez) exhausted and uncomfortable.

The couple’s divorce was not discussed until Jennifer Lopez’s book True Love was published, in which she claimed that a panic attack had given her reason to consider divorcing him. Anthony’s first words to Lopez, according to her memoir True Love, were, “One day you’re going to be my wife.”

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The reason for the split from the singer will remain a mystery because Anthony has been mute on the subject up until this point.

J-Lo puts ‘one’ condition on Marc Anthony to marry again

While Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck reconciled, the Puerto Rican-American musician started dating beauty queen Nadia Ferreira, whom he married this past weekend. Though, according to reports, J-Lo was initially dissatisfied with the news of Marc Anthony’s engagement, even though the ex-couple have a good relationship as a result of their kids. 

Later, however, she got to have good reason to worry about her ex’s major life change. It was reported that the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer did not react well to the news of Marc Anthony’s wedding, despite the fact that she is a very accepting person. A source claimed that the businesswoman was upset when her ex-partner proposed to Ferreira after only six months of dating.

Jennifer Lopez's Ex-Husband Marc Anthony Has Become Protective About JLo and Their Kids
Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Husband Marc Anthony

In the end, Jennifer Lopez did support him, but sources claimed that in exchange, she placed a crucial requirement on her ex-husband.

According to a number of sources, JLo told Anthony that Nadia Ferreira had to treat their children with respect in order for this condition to exist.

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Because the Paraguayan model will be her children’s stepmother, so the Same Girl singer is worried about Ferreira because she is unwilling to leave her kids with just ‘anyone.’

Source: People

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