One Infinity War death a Marvel producer tried to Stop!

Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony must have had some help from George R.R. Martin for it is no easy task to kill so many characters in just a click. But reportedly one of the Marvel producers tried really hard to stop the death of this character.

Apparently, Nate Moore, the producer of Black Panther didn’t want the Russo brothers to kill off the king of Wakanda, T’Challa. Black Panther was one of the several characters to be turned up into dust by the snap of Thanos’ fingers.

Moore had a long association with Marvel Studios. He was the co-producer in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and executive producer in Captain America: Civil War. But the one where he took up the baton himself was Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. We could say that he had some personal attachment to the socially relevant flick. He knew the fate of T’Challa since 2015, and he continued asking the Russo brothers to rethink their decision.

This revelation has come from none other than Nate Moore himself. In a telephonic interview with Huffingpost, Moore revealed how he tried to convince Russo brothers not to kill T’challa in Avengers: Infinity War.

“I knew pretty well what they were talking about and personally urged them to reconsider. But the storytelling made sense, so I love that we got to see a little bit more of Wakanda in that film, and I hope to see how they’re going to resolve that.”

Moore focused on the negative response he got from the audience for killing T’Challa.

“Touching on all the different ideas you can have, you talk about the pros and cons of each, and they had some really compelling arguments as to why what happened happened. I think ultimately it made for a really interesting, almost more complicated ending to that film because of how well ‘Black Panther’ was embraced by audiences. Again, personally painful, but I understand the reasoning.”

Moore didn’t emphasize on how killing T’Challa was necessary or not, or what is his role going to be in Avengers 4.


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