One of Marvel’s most ancient Villains Almost Became Our Greatest Hero

Fin Fang Foom the dragon creature in marvel’s has been jeopardizing heroes like Iron Man since 1961. Normally shown as a humongous humanoid dragon, Fin briefly had a very divergent look during the early 2000s. During this time, Fin decided to refine and enter into a monster rehabilitation program. Not only did Fin Fang Foom smooth in personality, but he also exhibited a surprising sense of humor when he met a particularly arrogant restaurant critic and decided to play a prank on him. However, the prank quickly grew out of control – literally.

How A Human-Sized Fin Fang Foom Exhibited He Was Still Vicious

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Vicious but not huge

Reed Richards had hypnotically stripped Fin Fang Foom of all of his superpowers, Fin still had the benefit of centuries of study and experience. These skills came in use when he sought employment and proved brilliant, if somewhat temperamental, chef for the Green Wok Chinese restaurant. Fin’s culinary gifts earn him the attention of the very furious restaurant critic “Edwin Snodgrass” in the one-shot Fin Fang 4 Return. Although the critic’s insults intimidate to make Fin turn to violence, the dragon manages to keep a cool head but still finds a route to return to Snodgrass.

Follicles brought back to life

One of Marvel's OLDEST Villains Almost Became Our Greatest Hero
Treasure found for bald men

As Snodgrass samples the soup which turned out to be great, his dead hair follicles revived back to life with revenge. In seconds, he grows a thick full head of bright pink hair followed by a long pink beard and mustache. Yep, it seems Fin Fang Foom remained unsuccessful to take into account that a herb that can regrow hair would actually be quite famous with bald men.

How Fin Fang Foom Became More famous Than Rogaine

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Why not being dead makes you smarter ?

The second Snodgrass’ supernatural hair restoration hits the news, Fin’s Chinese restaurant is packed with bald men roaring to try some of his special Shing Tau Root soup. Repelled, Fin Fang Foom easily beats up Egghead and then calls out the bald men on their vanity and foolishness. Reminding the men that baldness is only a sign of getting older  which in his time was a good thing as getting old essentially meant, “You’ve been smart enough not to get killed!”

Origin of the super-villain

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