ThiSpoiler Alert: The following article contains spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man #24 by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Mark Morales, Cliff Rathburn, Nathan Fairbairn and VC’s Joe Caramagna on sale now.

The Amazing Spider-Man has found Peter Parker on one of his most dangerous missions yet. In the “Hunted” storyline, he finds Kraven the Hunter working with Arcade on a new hunt. This team up isn’t just for the wall crawler but also for other animal themed heroes and villains in Central Park. It all culminates in a showdown that changes the status quo for Kraven since he battles Spider-Man to death. But right after he and Spider-Man agree to actually end their war, Kraven dies. This death is brought upon him by someone close to him. Before we find out who that is, it’s time to recap what has happened till now:

The Story So Far In The Amazing Spider-Man

Kraven has been the source of a lot of problems. Pic courtesy:
Kraven has been the source of a lot of problems. Pic courtesy:

To Recap: Arcade placed a force field over Central Park, transforming it into a hunting ground in an event that paid homage to two storylines. These storylines were the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” and “Grim Hunt” storylines. These helped define Kraven’s rivalry with Spider-Man. They had tourists establish neural links to Hunter Bots, so that they could remotely kill their targets. But as a result of this the tourists became prey as well. This is because once their bots gets destroyed the severing of the neural connection kills them too.

But Peter finds out the inner workings of the hunt that leads to this slugfest. During the fight Kraven clearly tries to goad Spidey into fulfilling the prophecy. The prophecy foretold that the spider will kill the man who was known as Sergei Kravinoff. But Peter refuses to do so which causes Kraven to finally understand his warrior code. He then shuts down the project and sets everyone free. It’s still pure mayhem out there with villains like the Vulture and the reformed Savage Six roaming free. But the Fantastic Four and Avengers come in to help clean up the mess.

Who Is Kraven’s Killer?

Kraven’s “son” takes on the mantle again. Pic courtesy:

Kraven’s son finds Spider-Man, in his black suit, in their home and decides to beat the hero to death. But the truth is that it was actually Kraven who wore the suit to trick the boy to ending his life. He leaves his last son wondering what’s the next step. His son takes his rage out in various ways and is about to end his own life when he finds a note from his father. The letter tells him to carry on his legacy since Kraven is his birth right. So he dons his father’s uniform. But in a way he isn’t Kraven’s son, rather he is an exact copy of Kraven. So it means that while one died, the other immediately took his place.

Problems aren’t ceasing for Spider-Man as this clone is faster and stronger than the original. He is also more unforgiving so it won’t be long before Kraven 2.0 is on the hunt for the Spider.

The Amazing Spider-Man #25 is on sale July 10

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