One Piece: Red Promo Confirms Luffy’s Gear Fifth Powers

One Piece: Red will be released in Japanese theatres in August, and it will include the long-awaited return of Red-Haired Shanks as well as the debut of his daughter, Uta, the ultimate diva. While the exact date of this story’s origin is unknown, a new poster has fans of the Grand Line wondering if Luffy’s most recent transformation, Gear Fifth, may play a role in Eiichiro Oda’s fifteenth film in the franchise.

One Piece: Red
One Piece: Red

If you’re unfamiliar with the ability of Gear Fifth, Luffy used it to help him win the War For Wano by transforming into this new form while facing the commander of the Beast Pirates. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates was given a radical makeover after it was revealed that his original devil fruit was actually a Mythical Zoan fruit that offers him the skills of the Sun God Nika. This enables him to primarily become a living cartoon, turn the environment around him into rubber, and even pluck lightning bolts from the sky to throw at his enemies. Even though Luffy and Kaidou both knocked each other down in the last minutes of their fight, the Wano resistance fighters were able to proclaim victory.

The promo for One Piece: Red house Luffy’s gear fifth powers

Monkey D. Luffy - One Piece: Red
Monkey D. Luffy

Twitter Outlet New World Artur recently shared a poster with One Piece: Red and the recent events of the Shonen manga, however, the user believes that the presence of Gear Fifth is merely to showcase the events of the War For Wano Arc rather than hinting at the possibility of Luffy’s newest transformation being included in the film.

It’ll be fascinating to see where Gear Fifth debuts first in terms of animation since the television series might capture Luffy’s new makeover before the film hits Japanese theatres on August 6th. Regardless, fans are eager to see Luffy’s most powerful form emerge in the anime, given how unusual the transition is and the far-reaching repercussions of Monkey’s abilities when gaining access to it.

Luffy’s gear fifth powers 

Luffys gear fifth powers - One Piece: Red
Luffy’s gear fifth powers
  1. Gomu Gomu no Fusen (Rubber Rubber Ballon) – A variant of Luffy’s conventional technique, unlike the original technique, Luffy’s boy becomes extensively buoyant, like a helium balloon. This technique was first used against Kaidou in his dragon form, where Luffy entered the Emperor’s body and expanded himself as well as the dragon. In the VIZ Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Balloon. 
  2. Gomu Gomu no Gigant (Rubber Rubber Giant) – Luffy uses this technique to enlarge himself to the size of a giant as if he were using Gear 3 on his entire body. The technique’s name is based on the Gear 3 naming scheme, but without anything following “Gigant.” In the VIZ Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Giant.
  3. Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun (Rubber Rubber Monkey God Gun) – This was employed against Kaidou at first, but he replied with Shoryu: Kaen Hakke, culminating in a tremendous conflict. It quickly outstripped Kaidou’s method, sending him tumbling to the ground and creating a visible hole that matched his target’s form. Sun Wukong may have been inspired by the Hindu Monkey God Hanuman, whose other name is “Bajrang.” In the VIZ Manga, this is called Gum-Gum Bajrang Gun. 
  4. Gomu Gomu no Dasshutsu (Rubber Rubber Escape Rocket) – After utilizing “Gomu Gomu no Fusen,” Luffy utilized this method to get out of Kaidou’s body. To push himself out, Luffy spreads his arms between his opponent’s eyes and clutches their nose. This is known as Gum-Gum Escape Rocket in the VIZ Manga.
  5. Gomu Gomu no Nawatobi (Rubber Rubber Skipping Rope) – Luffy, in his dragon form, catches Kaidou and uses Kaidou’s serpentine body as a skipping rope. This is known as Gum-Gum Jump Rope in the VIZ Manga.
  6. Gomu Gomu no Kaminari (Rubber Rubber Lightning) – To capture a lightning bolt, Luffy gives it rubber characteristics, then hurls it at his opponent. This was utilized against Kaidou at first, but he was able to avoid the strike. This is known as Gum-Gum Lightning in the VIZ Manga.
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