“Only Nicole Kidman Can Make Microwaveble Dinner Looking Dress….”- Internet is confused how Nicole Kidman Pulled That Off at Balenciaga Couture

The Balenciaga Couture show on 6th July turned out to be a real head-turner with five A-list celebrities walking the runway show in Paris. Starting with Kim Kardashian, then Dua Lipa, followed by Nicole Kidman, and the show-stoppers, supermodels Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid.

Creative director Demna Gvasalia displayed what was dubbed as “a post-apocalyptic chic collection is truly extraordinary style” by Glamour for Balenciaga’s Haute Couture AW22 collection, revealed today at the brand’s 10 Avenue Georges V salon.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman in the controversial “foil” dress

Avant-garde turns weird

The couture collection was supposed to be essentially avant-garde but guess what did stand out during the show? It was Nicole Kidman and a very bizarre look that trolls across social media have compared to an aluminum foil. The bright silver color and the smooth satin fabric donned by Nicole Kidman led to people making their foil jokes, asking if she was a woman or a sandwich.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman was captured backstage

The show marked the Academy Award-winning Hollywood actress‘ debut as a model at the Balenciaga Haute Couture show. The actress was spotted strutting around the hall in a silver satin dress with a long train, flaunting a drapery effect, high black gloves, black tights, and pointed shoes with low heels. Kidman had bold eye makeup on.

Apart from the appearance of the dress, in the video posted on Instagram by @voguefrance, it was clear how uncomfortable the actress was while walking in it around the corridor of attendees.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

The comments under the video were nothing short of mean as well.

“Baked salmon”, “What is it?”, “What is she wearing? And the shoes!..”, “Who would even wear this?”, “Aluminum foil?”, “This is getting weird”, “God, I thought that she pretends as if she crawled out of the closet because of something!”, “The Walking Dead”, “What’s wrong with her legs,” the trolls wrote.

Nicole Kidman is a queen nevertheless

However, there were some positive responses too, about the iconic actress, also among the highest-paid TV actors, none about the dress though…

Even though the dress is likely to become a meme very soon, the Balenciaga show was quite a hot affair at the Paris Fashion Week – owing to both the list of celebrities to the utterly peculiar looks comprising rubber suits and futuristic masks as well.

Source: Apolline Petit

Smriti Sneh
Smriti Sneh

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