DC universe’s Titans just returns back with a season 2 which has new additions to the team along with a surprising new member. Yes you guessed it right! It’s Krypto the Superdog who just featured alongside Superboy. Though most of the fandom missed the easter egg in the post credit scene of Season 1 finale. But the DC Comic fandom knows Krypto the dog well enough due to the popularity. He’s famous amongst kids and features in DC Comics’ Super Pets book series. There is also an upcoming film adaptation scheduled to be released in 2022. Krypto also had an animated series on Cartoon Network for two seasons.

Krypto’s Origin Story

Krypto's Origin Story
The Mutt of Steel has been by Super boy’s side since a long time.

Krypto the Superdog’s first cameo is in Adventure Comics #210 in March 1955. This is based on the story “The Super-Dog From Krypton.” The plot follows Superboy as he investigates the reports of a strange stray dog. The stray dog is on the loose in Smallville, breaking through the side of the dog-catcher’s truck and stopping a robbery. Super boy is shocked to find the dog, chewing on the robber’s gun like it was a bone, before flying off into the sky.

Superboy gives the dog a chase and finds out that the dog knows him. Upon seeing Superboy Krypto begins to lick him like he is the long lost friend. Eventually the dog leads the Superboy to the site of a downed rocket of Kryptonian design. A log book inside the spaceship reveals the details of efforts of one of Krypton’s scientists to design a rocket. This rocket is capable of transporting the people away from their doomed planet. Krypto liked Superboy because he recognized the scent of the infant boy he played with as a puppy.

Krypto’s Appearance in Titans

Krypto's Titans Connection
Krypto’s cameo in Titans Season 1 finale post credits scene

The mutt of steel features during Titans season 1 in a post-credits scene. But Krypro doesn’t make a perfect entry till Titans season 2, episode 6, Conner. A young man, Conner escapes from the laboratories of Project Cadmus alongside a white dog, whose tags identifies him as Krypto. While the events of the episode revealed that Conner is a clone who combines the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor, nothing is said about the origins of Krypto. It is clear, however, that Krypto is smarter than the average dog and has a number of Kryptonian superpowers, including heat vision.

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