Oscar Voters Critique the Movie Joker

Joker had a huge opening week from police patrolling the theatres to a packed audience watching the movie. Joker did clear the opening weekend with a record-breaking sum at the box office. But that is not all as the film has to win over Oscar voters. To date, the movie has received many reviews ranging from “irresponsible” to a “masterpiece.” One person even said the film was “stunning on every level” but also that he “deeply despise[d]” it. So it seems the Academy is just like the rest of America: still figuring out how to feel about Joker.

The Audience Review

The Audience Review
The Joker has received mixed reviews from the audience.

The Hollywood Reporter recently spoke with several (anonymous) members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. These are the folks who will determine the flick’s fate at the 92nd Academy Awards in February 2020. The academy has mix reactions towards the movie. Many academy members were hailing it as a masterpiece, while others called it dangerous and irresponsible. Joker won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival before playing the Toronto International Film Festival as well.

“I found the craft to be stunning on every level—beautiful photography, design, costumes,” one male member of the producer’s branch told THR. “All of [director] Todd Phillips’s films are impeccably made. But I deeply despise the movie. It made me feel uncomfortable.

“One member submits a negative comparison to Jake Gyllenhaal’s dark 2014 drama, Nightcrawler. While another said “it is vaguely mesmerizing but…to what end?” Several members do not wish to see it due to lack of interest. “I’ve had two opportunities and passed,” a female member of the actor’s branch said, though she added that she would see it eventually because she has “to see [Joaquin] Phoenix’s performance.”

Does Joker Deserve an Oscar?

Does Joker Deserve an Oscar?
Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for his award winning performance.


Joker could score nominations for the film direction and cinematography. Many members of the academy found Joaquin’s acting to be marvelous and starstruck. Joker is given consistent praise for being a brilliant film. Joker could also score Best Picture nomination and be the winner who takes it all. Perhaps Joker really will get the last laugh at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, which takes place on February 9, 2020. Of course, the complete list of the nominees is yet to be announced.

Source: Looper, Vanity Fair

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