Overpowered Superheroes Who Can’t Control Their Powers

While the Marvel and DC comic universes offer up some pretty incredible superpowers, one might argue that the most important thing for a superhero, besides having a cool costume, is control over their powers. That’s because, without it, they could hurt someone – or even themselves.

Both Marvel and DC have seen more than a few institutions created to help heroes develop control of their powers over time. These institutions thrive to be helpful in the long run. Yet, there are still quite a few reckless superheroes who tend to struggle with controlling their powers to this day. That being said, these are the 5 overpowered superheroes who cannot control their powers –

Bruce Banner

The Hulk can be described as an amalgamation of the personalities of Bruce Banner and the Savage Hulk. Whenever Bruce Banner gets angry, he transforms into his alter ego, who generally displays anger management issues and possesses a very low intelligence level. During times of great rage, this persona is known to lash out or in other words tulk out. In addition, it has been speculated that many other people are hiding within him who may force dominance at any moment such as Joe Fixit or Professor Hulk (aka smarter, calmer versions of the personality) but these have not been adequately verified by science yet.

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Overpowered Superheroes in Marvel
The Hulk (Bruce Banner) in Marvel Comics


Grant Emerson was said to have been a teenager when he first discovered his powers. He was still on the rise as an up-and-coming superhero in the DC Universe called Damage, who possessed destructive abilities. Grant’s power of Metahuman Energy Absorption led to a wild energy release that leveled half of downtown Atlanta. However, a tragic incident occurred during Blackest Night, wherein he died.

Overpowered Superheroes in DC Comics
Grant Emerson in DC Comics


Robbie Baldwin was a college lab assistant whose experiment involving electrons went horribly awry, he woke up with the ability to create nearly impenetrable kinetic force fields and subsequently became the superhero known as Speedball by working with a roster of fellow street-level New Warriors. They fought Justice League Europe on behalf of the Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA) until Marvel’s Civil War, which brought about a return to penance for his earlier actions in the battle against Selene which were brought about by his powers becoming uncontrollable as well as overloading via kinetic energy.

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Overpowered Superheroes in comics
Robbie Baldwin in Marvel Comics

Wally West

Heroes in Crisis focused on the struggle of a renowned and immensely powerful superhero known as Wally West. He can’t help but let his emotions take over when going through situations that invoke certain feelings like Flashpoint did. But during Heroes in Crisis, Wally suffered from many stressors, sadness and depression mostly, to see him turn back into the Speedster we all thought we knew.

Overpowered Superheroes in DC
Wally West in DC Comics


She is one of the unique X-Men. When her powers first activated, she absorbed an object that was holding some radioactive material. Her mutation enabled her to drain the energy and memories of anyone who came into contact with her – as long as she touched them. She was also able to absorb their personality and powers if they happened to be mutants with abilities like Ms. Marvel or Nightcrawler. Rogue has unbelievable abilities now that she absorbs Ms. Marvel’s powers but she usually covers herself in gloves and a costume to keep it under control. She is still learning how to control all of her energy absorption powers.

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Overpowered Superheroes in X-Men
Rogue in X-Men Comics
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