Pamela Anderson Didn’t Knew About Tommy Lee’s Last Name After Eloping With Him, Left Own Mother Devastated Because She Was Deeply in Love

With the launch of her memoir Love, Pamela, a lot of new information has come to light regarding Pamela Anderson’s life. One of the unavoidable topics is her marriage and the whole relationship with her ex-husband Tommy Lee. During Anderson’s relationship with the Mötley Crüe drummer, headline-making events happened more than once. First was the 1995 s*x tape leak and the other was Lee’s arrest on charges of spousal and child abuse.

In her recently-released memoir, Anderson shared surprising information about not having a clear idea about Lee’s full name even at the time of their wedding. But being young and in love, that hardly mattered, which is why she decided to run away with him. The Baywatch star also revealed that her decision did not sit right with her mother.

Pamela Anderson Was Unclear About Tommy Lee’s Full Name Even During Marriage

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Being madly in love can sometimes make people unaware of various important information. And not having a clear idea about your partner’s full name is one of them. Pamela Anderson is one such person as she reveals in her new book Love, Pamela. In the book, she has revealed lots of never-heard-before facts about her life.

Back in 1995, the Baywatch star fell so madly in love with the Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee that she ran away with him to get married. But as it turns out, the actress had only a vague idea about her ex-husband’s name at the time. Even while getting married she had not been definite about her ex-husband’s full name. According to Anderson, while returning home after their wedding was when she asked for his last name. As he replied “Lee”, She writes,

“I said, ‘Oh, I thought it was Tommy Lee … something. Jones?’”

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

The pair had fallen for each other so quickly that it did not take long for them to get married after their first meeting. But this naturally caused the Baywatch star’s mom to get unhappy. The actress recalled that her mother had been “furious” after hearing the news of her marriage. She further revealed that the reaction from her mother was natural as she had always dreamt of attending her daughter’s wedding.

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Why Did The Couple Get Divorced?

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Soon after their marriage, Pamela Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee had their private s** tape leaked. In 1995, a worker renovating their home somehow got hold of the tape and put it out on the web. Following that, the two sued the video distribution company IEG and reached a “confidential settlement”. However, their relationship apparently suffered after that as Anderson reveals in her memoir. Their two sons were also born during their three years of marriage. What finally led to their split was the spousal and child abuse by the drummer in 1998.

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