If you are an ardent lover of The Flash then here is an interesting piece of information for all you out there. A new villain seems to have made an entry who is known by the name of ‘Paradox’. The main aim of Paradox is to attack Barry Allen and ultimately kill him as per the spoilers. Paradox is said to have invaded the earth and claims Godspeed to be his messenger.

The villain makes its comeback

In a still from ‘The Flash’

The whole idea behind this is to take revenge from Barry. Paradox is all set to turn Barry into a monster. He is all here to make people pay for their mistakes and is about to do anything to get his justice. Paradox thinks that Barry is responsible for bringing misery to the lives of billions of people. He is back to bring back good to the people.

Goodbyes are always tough

Barry Allen
Few last moments left!!

However, Godspeed is with Barry and is all set to remove information regarding the evil deeds of Paradox. When Paradox gets a hint that Godspeed is betraying his trust he instantly plans to throw him out. He was also seen to be a part of the fight scene between The Flash and Turtle. However, it was this incident that was responsible for taking him away from his family. 

It remains uncertain whether Barry will be dead or alive. However, this time the intentions of Paradox seem to be way eviler and he might leave no stone unturned in making sure that he does the necessary harm to Barry or in other words just end his life once and for all. 

The savior????

In a still from The Flash

The Flash was first released in the year 2014 and is an American Superhero television series. It is directed by Glen Winter.

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