Paris Hilton Finally Responds to “Absolutely Ridiculous” Conspiracy Theories Around Britney Spears’ Life and Her “Abusive” Marriage With Sam Asghari

A recent series of photos uploaded online by Paris Hilton via Instagram resulted in people questioning the credibility of one of the pictures. Among the many shots, Hilton’s picture with Britney Spears caught people’s attention but all for a bad reason. Many people suspected the media personality of inserting Spears via photoshop. The pictures were from the pop princess’ agent Cade Hudson’s birthday bash. Soon the comment section was filled with comments trolling Hilton. One even accused her of being “shady”. However, immediately afterward, the socialite responded and cleared the air since. She explained the reason behind the mishap and called the photoshop suspicion ridiculous.

Paris Hilton Accused of Photoshopping Britney Spears Into her Pictures

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Recently on Instagram Paris Hilton posted a series of shots on her friend Cade Hudson’s birthday. Britney Spears was also present at the celebration as Hudson is a mutual friend to both Hilton and Spears. From the pictures, they seemed to have had a lot of fun together. Although the post included a number of pictures with the media personality and Hudson together, one single picture stood out most to people. It was the one where the Princess of Pop and Hilton were posing together.

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Some people noticed that Spears looked as if she was photoshopped into the picture. Soon after the comment section was filled with trolls criticizing the socialite for apparently doing dirty against the Sometimes singer. One commented, “That is not Britney”. Another suspected Hilton of using AI technology to insert Spears’ face by commenting, “Is that an AI Britney??”  

Paris Hilton IG Post
Paris Hilton IG Post

The Socialite also got criticized and accused by one user commenting,

“Look at her fingers!!! WTF Paris? You’re becoming more and more shady to me and I used to love you dude”

Similarly many trolled The Simple Life star and she had to eventually defend herself and clear the air surrounding the suspicions.

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How Did She Respond to the Trolls’ Accusation

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Soon after being showered with the accusation of photoshopping Britney Spears, Paris Hilton took to the comment section to clear the air. Seemingly she took the matter into her hands before it could become worse. Hilton took to the comment section to explain that an app called Remini had been responsible for the mishap. According to the socialite, the photos from the birthday celebration were taken from an iPhone. And it had resulted in the pictures coming out all blurry. She explained,

“So they used this app called Remini to make it look unblurry and sometimes the Ai distorts images.”

Furthermore, The Simple Life actor shared that she had not been looking to respond to the false claims. She added, “But some of these conspiracy theories are absolutely ridiculous”. Following Hilton’s response hopefully, the trolls would stop with the criticisms against her.

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