Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris hasn’t always been swayed by all allegations made against her father in “Leaving Neverland”. She firmly believes that her father, Michael Jackson, wasn’t a child molester.

‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary Throws Light On Child Molestation Cases on Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children at his mansion, Neverland
Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children at his mansion, Neverland

As revealed by various sources close to Paris revealed to TMZ, she hasn’t seen the new controversial documentary. This is contrary to the reports and she revealed that she wasn’t offered to see the film before its premiere at Sundance.

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We are also notified that she’s not at all conflicted or torn about the content of “Leaving Neverland”. It sees the graphic description of Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck’s alleged molestation at Michael Jackson’s hands.

‘Leaving Neverland’: Fan Reactions So Far

Michael Jackson with the alleged victims
Michael Jackson with the alleged victims

So far, the reaction to the project has been really passionate and intense, on both the sides, with universally beloved Oprah catching fire for her interview with the accusers.

The entire Jackson family as a whole unit has revealed their discontent and anger over the controversial documentary. Tito’s son, Taj Jackson even stated that Robson is making it up for some sort of a revenge.

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Well, whatever the case might be, Michael’s family stands United over this.

Here’s the synopsis of Leaving Neverland:

In interviews, Wade Robson, Jimmy Safechuck, and their families describe their relationship with the American singer. Safechuck and Robson allege that Jackson sexually abused them at his home, Neverland Ranch, in California, as well as at Jackson’s apartment in Century City. In 1993, Jackson was accused of sexually molesting 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. He denied the claims and settled the civil case out of court for a payment of $15,331,250 plus legal fees; the settlement included a nondisclosure agreement. No criminal charges were filed. In 2005, following further allegations, Jackson was acquitted of child sexual abuse.

Source: TMZ, Wiki

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