Peacemaker vs. Punisher: Who Will Win?

This is not the first time you’ll be reading a DC v/s Marvel discussion. Now and then, dedicated fans come up with comparisons between characters from both franchises. This time it is DC’s Peacemaker and Marvel’s Punisher. Both of them are great in their respective stories. But if they get into a face-off, who will win? We have DC’s Peacemaker on one hand who has crazy tools at his disposal. On the other hand, we have Punisher who is a great hand-to-hand fighter. Looks like both of them have their own areas of strength. Let’s see who will win! So, here’s a list of factors we’ll consider for both of them.

1. The Physique

John Cena plays Peacemaker Peacemaker
John Cena plays Peacemaker

When it comes to physique, Peacemaker definitely bags this point. He has a strong build, strong enough to scare people away from him. Anybody wanting to fight him would think at least once if not twice. Moreover, it is said that he is at the peak of human levels of strength, stamina, and reflexes.

On the other hand, we have Punisher. He’s not the biggest man with a strong build, but he has undergone rigorous training that makes him strong enough to fight his enemies. However, Christopher Smith is simply impressive in this category.

2. Hand-To-Hand Action

Marvel's The Punisher Peacemaker
Marvel’s The Punisher

As mentioned above, Punisher is a great hand-to-hand fighter. That’s because he was trained for it in childhood. When his fighting skills are mixed with his physical abilities, his power is unmatched. Moreover, Punisher excels in different forms of martial arts.

On the other hand, we have DC’s Peacemaker who can fight hand-to-hand, but not as the Punisher. So, this category will be bagged by the Punisher.

3. Shooting Skill

DC's Peacemaker and Marvel's Punisher Peacemaker
DC’s Peacemaker and Marvel’s Punisher

Both Peacemaker and Punisher are great and skilled shooters. DC’s Peacemaker can shoot accurately in a breath. While Punisher is a trained shooter who knows how to use different types of ranged weapons. So, here, both of them stand equal.

4. Intelligence

Punisher vs Peacemaker
Marvel’s The Punisher

None of them are stupid. But Peacemaker is so occupied in his head with the idea of maintaining ‘peace’ that he makes stupid decisions at times. For instance, he would kill anyone to bring ‘peace’. However, he is an expert when it comes to battle tactics.

The Punisher is someone who knows exactly what he’s supposed to do in a fight. This makes him really dangerous. Also, he isn’t obsessed with the idea of peace like the Peacemaker. So, most likely, Punisher will make better decisions during a fight as compared to Peacemaker.

Who Wins? Peacemaker Or The Punisher?

Marvels Punisher is most likely to win a fight against Dc's Peacemaker
Marvels Punisher is most likely to win a fight against Dc’s Peacemaker

Well, according to the score from the above-mentioned categories, the Punisher is the clear winner. He is skilled, trained, strong, intelligent, and knows what move he’s supposed to make next. However, that doesn’t mean Peacemaker is weak or stupid. He has the build, equipment, and strength to take down enemies.

But, if at all Peacemaker and Punisher fight, we believe, Punisher is most likely to win. What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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