Penny Clapbacks Prove She’s the Savagest Character on “The Big Bang Theory”

Penny is responsible for the majority of the Big Bang Theory’s chuckles, but most viewers are unaware that she could have been a totally different character. According to a little-known behind-the-scenes truth, Penny was going to be named Katie. She could have been a tough woman with a soft inner personality. Penny might not be a scientist or hold a doctorate, but when it comes to savage comebacks, she is a genius. From keeping Sheldon at bay to teasing Leonard, here is a look at a few of Penny’s most brutal comebacks from The Big Bang Theory. Thus, we at Animated Times compiled a list of Penny Clapbacks to Prove She’s the Savagest Character on “The Big Bang Theory.” Sounds interesting? If yes, then let’s hop into the list and find out what this list is all about.

10. Howard’s Hot Date:


9. Magic Potion:


8. Always Looking On The Bright Side:


7. She’s Always Thinking About Others:


6. Face Time:


5. Winning:


4. ‘Then He Comes Back’


3. Getting the Right Help:


2. Play And Slay:


1. Thank You:


So there you have it: Penny’s clapbacks prove she’s the savagest character on “The Big Bang Theory.” Well, to be honest, Penny is really one of the most savage characters in the Big Bang Theory, and yet, despite not being a scientist, she perfectly fits into the group of highly intelligent people. Kaley Cuoco plays the role. So which among these is your favorite clapback of Penny? Do let us know in the comments down below. Until then, we’ll see you lads in the next article, and don’t forget to keep on reading Animated Times, your one-stop destination for learning more about the entertainment industry, new movies and TV series, celebrity gossip, and so much more. We’ve got your back on all fronts. Continue reading Animated Times for more.

Azhan Ali
Azhan Ali

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