Even though Alfred has spent the greater part of 80 years functioning as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, mentor, and father figure, it is time for its beloved character to receive his own time in the spotlight. This summer, a new Batman prequel series is coming to Epix, and it’ll tell the story of Alfred as a former soldier in 1960s London, long before Bruce was born. The series is known as Pennyworth, and also the very first teaser trailer has arrived. Test it from the teaser below!

You can find the official Pennyworth Teaser Trailer here:

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Pennyworth teaser Details:

Jack Bannon As Pennyworth in The Latest Pennyworth Series
Jack Bannon As Alfred Pennyworth in The Latest Pennyworth Series

The new show stars Jack Bannon as 20-something Alfred Pennyworth, that makes the decision to start his own personal security firm after serving as a British SAS soldier. This line of work introduces Alfred into some young billionaire called Thomas Wayne, played with Ben Aldridge. The rest of the cast comprises Paloma Faith, Jason Flemyng, Ryan Fletcher, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Emma Paetz, and Polly Walker.

This very first teaser trailer might just be 17 minutes in length, but it is more than sufficient to show us this will not be just like any other Batman-related show for this point. Rather, Pennyworth appears more like an old-school spy thriller, which is just what the producers were searching for.

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Danny Cannon
Danny Cannon

“I went back and watched Michael Caine’s Harry Palmer movies, and the first couple of James Bond movies, because going back to that Cold War kind of story telling I liked going back into this period because all of our Berlin movies and Russian espionage movies, it was like the British version of westerns. Like there was a wild west quality to the Cold War. Because after the war was done, we knew that there was a nuclear bomb, and we were capable of terrible things, but the spying and the style in which it was done, and the dignity with which it was done, and the charm with which it was done I thought all reminded me of what Bruno had been talking about. So going back to those movies, and watching what was good about Michael Caine back there was he didn’t hide his accent. And the fact that Harry Palmer was very unpopular, but he just got the job done. Because he called everything as it was. His feet were firmly placed in the ground, he’d look people in the eye and I really appreciated that, James Bond, same thing too.”


Source: Comicbook , Screenrant

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