Pennyworth’s Alfred Gets A Backstory, BUT Why Such A Gritty Tone?

The latest TV series based on a comic book focuses on an unlikely hero in a previously unexplored era. With DC Comics’ most famous butler stepping into the forefront in the new series Pennyworth. It was created by the same team behind Gotham, it isn’t so much a prequel to Batman as much as it is a gritty reimagining of the man behind the bat.

The period of the show is 60’s

The period of the show is 60’s
Alfred, the beloved butler.

The series is set in England in the 1960s. It will follow the Wayne family’s famous butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier who forms a security company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne in London.

What the executive producers have to say.

In our review of the first few episodes of Pennyworth, we highlight the brutality of the show. It might be surprising for fans who might be unprepared. 

Ahead of the series premiere tomorrow evening, executive producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, were asked to speak about his plans for the new series. The question posed was why did they choose to give such a dark background to the beloved butler.

Uncertainty of the creators

Uncertainty of the creators
Alfred, as depicted in the comics.

“I don’t think DC has ever done ’60s England before. We know what Metropolis was like then, we know what Gotham was like then, but we don’t know what it was like across the Atlantic,” Cannon explained. “That was the great thing when we first started discussing the project, we started talking about what did London look like then. What’s happened? Is history the same as it was in our history books or was it slightly different? What has advanced technology-wise? All of these questions were to create a world that these characters could fit into.”

Heller revealed that the decision to make Alfred a darker, more complex character came in as inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the character.

Watch the trailer of Pennyworth here:

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