“People are always looking for drama”: Olivia Wilde Defends Lover Harry Styles, Says Singer Didn’t Spit on Chris Pine After Video Went Viral

The forthcoming anticipated film, Don’t Worry Darling is just a few hours away from release amidst the controversies revolving around director Olivia Wilde and the cast of the film. To put an end to the alleged rumors, the director herself has appeared in front of the camera addressing all the controversies including the recent spitgate incident involving Harry Styles and Chris Pine.

The Cast and Director, Olivia Wilde of Don't Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival
The Cast and Director of Don’t Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival

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The Spitgate Incident Happened at The Venice Film Festival

The most anticipated film surrounding controversies involving former cast member Shia LaBeouf, an alleged feud involving the director  Olivia Wilde and leading lady Florence Pugh, along with the director’s on-set romance, further fueled the fire.

Olivia Wilde and her movie co-stars Chris Pine and Harry Styles
Chris Pine and Harry Styles during the premier of Don’t Worry Darling

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Adding to that, another speculation arose on the Internet when a clip from the 79th Venice Film Festival’s Don’t Worry Darling premiere, rumors about co-stars Harry Styles and Chris Pine started circulating online, referring to the Spitgate incident.

The clip allegedly showcased Styles spatting on the latter with fans arguing about whether the alleged incident happened or not. It had not become that controversial if the latter’s reaction was not captured on the camera.

To clarify the same, the alleged victim’s rep shared that it was not the actual truth,

“This is a ridiculous story — a complete fabrication and the result of an odd online illusion that is clearly deceiving and allows for foolish speculation.”

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Following that statement, the 28-year-old 1D alum during one of the live performances in New York shared, “I just popped over to Venice to spit on Chris Pine, but fear not, we’re back!” The crowd burst into laughs knowing what his statement meant.

Olivia Wilde Defends Her Boyfriend Harry Styles For The Spitgate Incident

Sightings of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde defended her boyfriend Harry Styles amid the Spitgate incident

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The 38-year-old director-actor Olivia Wilde defended her boyfriend on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday stating,

“No, he did not. But I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people will look for drama anywhere they can. Harry did not spit on Chris.”

The couple first met on the set of their anticipated movie back in September 2020 and officially went public as a couple while attending a wedding together in January 2021.

Their romance was one of the topics involving Wilde’s and Pugh’s alleged feud with the former in the show addressing “I have nothing but respect for Florence’s talent.” She also confirmed that she has no grudges against the actress after stating that the latter is busy filming Dune.

Don’t Worry Darling is set to be released in the United States on September 23, 2022.

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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