‘People are mad at him for sticking up for his wife’: Will Smith Fans are Swarming the Internet as He Makes Alleged Hollywood Comeback With Disney’s Aladdin 2

Will Smith is one of the most celebrated stars in Hollywood with a strong career and a perfect family. Despite being on the verge of divorce, Smith along with his wife Jada Pinkett came back stronger than ever. During the 94th Academy Awards in 2022, the Aladdin actor created the Oscar scandal by slapping Chris Rock in defense of his wife. Since then the actor has been facing backlash for trying to be a perfect husband rather than taking a joke in a lighthearted way. Although several fans have shown support to the actor, people are still finding it rather difficult to accept his tag of perfection. 

Jada Pinkett Smith And will Smith
Will Smith with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith

Amidst the rumors about the Focus actor making a comeback with Aladdin 2, fans are going gaga over the news while others are trying to rip him off his tag of perfection. In a recent interview with Yahoo‘s Kevin Polowy, Nia Long, co-star of Will Smith expressed her support for Smith as well as her concern for the actor trying so hard to be perfect, that he is forgetting to be human. 

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Nia Long comments on Will Smith trying to maintain his perfectionist attitude 

Will Smith has maintained his fan base not just by creating an idea of a perfectionist but also with his definite skills in acting. Fans have been supportive of the actor even after his Oscar scandal of slapping Chris Rock for cracking a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith

Nia Long
Nia Long stands to support Will Smith

However, with time, audiences seemed to find the infamous Oscar slap a little too much on the Aladdin actor’s end, claiming the actor couldn’t handle a joke and crossed the line. There have been mixed opinions on the internet about how Smith tried to support his wife and how he also tried to create an image of a perfect husband. With love, support, and empathy for former co-star Will Smith, Nia Long joins an interview with Kevin Polowy to discuss Smith’s spotlight experience. 

I will always love him and he’s had an incredible career, and he’s carried a burden for many years to try to represent what perfection looks like” Nia Long shared with Kevin Polowy. She added “And I don’t think that, at least when we were going up, there was room to be human. I think he’s now able to be human.” Long further went on to discuss how the entertainment business makes it hard for humans to “reconcile things that we suppress…being front and center every day, all day

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Netizens have mixed feelings about Will Smith’s comeback

After the infamous Oscar slap took a difficult turn in Will Smith’s life and career, the actor came out to apologize to the comedian Chris Rock by releasing a video. Smith confessed, “I can say to all of you there is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave in that moment,”. He further added, “There’s no part of me that thinks that’s the optimal way to handle a feeling of disrespect or insults.”

Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscar Slap
Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock for the Oscar slap

Netizens were quite upset after Smith’s Oscar scandal, however, most seemed to have overcome the incident after his apology video. However, with rumors of Smith making a comeback with Disney’s Aladdin 2 people are again swarming the internet with their opinions and year-old remorse. 

After Long’s interview, a few Twitteratis commented against Smith, stating he brought the mess on himself by trying to be perfect. “He was on Oprah yrs ago bragging how perfect his marriage, kids & his parenting style was. He’s so hurt becuz now not everyone likes him. What a narcissist!”

Rageful Twitteratis commented “the man wasn’t thinking about his friendship when he tried to impress his wife & others at Chris Rocks expense. EVERYTHING IS NOT A MOVIE SCENE

Others came to support the actor stating, “Will Smith had one bad moment in what over 40 year career in the spot light thats incredible. And people are mad at him and hate him for what sticking up for his wife that’s what a man does.” Few even empathized “I agree with Nia…  he has had a burden representing. I feel for what he has gone through

With most comments being tweeted in support of Will Smith, seems like people are simply waiting for the actor’s alleged Hollywood comeback with Aladdin 2

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