‘People assume that I’m less of a mom’: Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Defends Having 7 Children With 64 Year Old Rust Star, One of Which Was Via Surrogacy

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin got married in 2012 and have seven children together. Their seventh child Ilaria Catalina Irena was born in September 2022. While Hilaria Baldwin gave birth to six of her children, the couple decided to opt for surrogacy for their daughter Lucia. And the mother of seven has said that surrogacy doesn’t make Lucia less of her daughter. 

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin with their children
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin with their children

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin welcomed their sixth child Lucia in February 2021. The yoga instructor shared earlier that before having her son Eduardo, she suffered two miscarriages in 2019. The Living Clearly Method author opened up about having Lucia via surrogacy. She also clarified that she loves Lucia as much as she loves her other children

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Alec Baldwin’s Wife Says There Are Different Ways to Become a Parent

During the Sunday episode of her podcast Witches Anonymous, Alec Baldwin’s wife talked about using surrogacy to have her sixth child. She said that there are many different ways to become a parent. And just because Lucia was born via a surrogate, it does not make her less her daughter. 

There’s no difference. And people assume that I’m less of a mom. That she’s less of my daughter. … She is just as attached to me as all my other ones,” Hilaria Baldwin said. She then said that she and Alec Baldwin do not differentiate between Lucia and the six children she carried herself.

The yoga instructor further mentioned, “We’re considered to be breeders in many ways. And this is me, who has seven kids, but I understand that the historical connection of women is the breeder.”

Alec Baldwin with his family
Alec Baldwin with his family

The Living Clearly Method author shared that people have the right to choose how they want to have children. She says if someone can’t breed in the traditional way or doesn’t want to breed in the traditional way, it’s their choice. The yoga instructor further shared that when someone does so, “people think that they have a right to talk about it.” 

She also talked about how she was shamed for choosing the surrogacy route. Alec Baldwin’s wife claimed that she was treated as an outcast even though she carried six of her children herself. 

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Hilaria Baldwin Was Afraid of the Judgment

Hilaria Baldwin shared that people don’t know her story cause she has not shared it yet. She explained that one of the reasons she has not shared everything yet is that not everyone is nice about it. “It made me so sad — the feeling of judgment. And on such innocence,” she said. 

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin

The yoga instructor has mentioned that her husband Alec Baldwin went through some articles after Lucia’s birth. She shared that many reports questioned Lucia’s validity “not just as part of the family, but also her validity in terms of existing.”

Hilaria Baldwin also said that she would not share the name of the surrogate because she (the surrogate) does not want her name out in public. However, Hilaria Baldwin said that she has an amazing relationship with her. And they even went through such amazing transformations together and they talk almost every day.

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