“People have put on some I hate Meghan goggles”: Meghan Markle Is a Victim Of Unfair Assessment, Body Language Expert Says Meghan Did Not Behave Rudely With Royal Aide

If you were to pose a question regarding Meghan Markle’s behavior to the general public, the response would be that she has a lot of room for improvement. You wouldn’t be amiss to call Meghan Markle one of the most hated personalities in England right now. Every act she does, she becomes the source of a new person’s loath. During the Late Queen Elizabeth II’s mourning, the vitriol for her just went up manifold. Her interaction with a royal aide in particular became a talking point for all the people. But, now it seems that people read too much into the situation, and found things that weren’t there.

Meghan Markle gets flak for ‘mistreating’ royal aide

Meghan Markle criticised
Meghan Markle’s conduct was called into question by the internet

In the walkabout after the Queen’s demise, Meghan Markle interacted with a royal aide. The interaction gained a lot of popularity and her detractors claimed that she was being rude to the royal aide.

But according to a body language expert, that was far from the case. The body language expert analyzed her interaction during the Windsor walkabout. And based on that he concluded that the ones who claimed that she was rude had done a “really unfair assessment”.

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Haters have put on ‘I hate Meghan Goggles

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle was wrongfully maligned by people

The expert was very clear that he saw nothing wrong with Meghan Markle’s disposition in the interaction. And what about everyone who considered that she has acted rude? The answer is rather simple. They had put on “I hate Meghan Goggles”.

He said, “I think anybody who looks at this and sees that she’s being a bully has put on some I hate Meghan goggles.” What she did was not snap at the aide. She gave him an “eyebrow flash”. This was the verdict of the Behavioural Arts’ Spidey.

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The relations between Meghan Markle and the royal palace continue to remain sour

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have grown distant from the Royal Palace

There was one startling point that Spidey added. He said that Markle had a “polite smile“. He added, “We all use polite smiles in day-to-day interactions.” But there was no ‘real smile‘ on her face.

He said, “I don’t see a real smile, nor would I expect to see a real smile.” This goes on to prove that the Duchess of Sussex was conforming to the standards set by society, even though she was having a hard time doing that. The relationship between her and the royal family seems to have reached a point of no return.

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Source: GeoTV

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