PETA Wants Taika Waititi To Make Fat Thor Go Vegan In Thor 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is right now in a weighty problem, yes that’s right.
It’s a weight problem.
And the MCU has no idea what to do?
What to do with the mighty Thor?
Oops! Fat Thor.

In the latest movie of MCU the Avengers: Endgame, the God of thunder, Thor put on some pounds as some signs of post-snap depression.

However, the only thing that concerns, what will be the appearance of Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder.

On the other hand, Taika Waititi’s response regarding the problem was able to gather the attention of PETA. Above all, the organization has made an essential request to Waititi to embed specific changes in the Thor 4 storyline.

Fat Thor in Endgame

Is the fat Thor returning in phase 4 of the MCU?

We have seen Thor in the Endgame, all bulky and depressed.

However, in an interview, Taika has been asked whether the fat and massive Thor returns to phase 4 movies? Waititi added that the creative team is still working on it, we haven’t figured it out yet.

After getting a response on what’s the future holding for Thor 4, PETA proposed a fantastic idea. The idea is that Thor gets back to his muscular and buff physique with a change in his diet.

Yes! Thor should become vegan in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Chris Hemsworth turns vegan for Thor: Love & Thunder.

According to PETA, MCU can bring forth the proposed transitions, only by nipping a bit of their storyline for Thor 4.

However, the organization brings to light that Chris Hemsworth turned vegan while shooting for  Thor and Avengers.

A senior official of PETA VP Lisa Lange further added that there are other MCU actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Natalie Portman who are vegans as well.

Making Thor vegan would introduce the ultimate version of Thor as an eccentric activist or an eco-terrorist.

An Ecocentric Activist, is he?

Is Thor an Ecocentric Avenger?

As per the Marvel comic sources are concerned, there are no confirmations that Thor is a vegan or an ecocentric activist. But, if the plot gets a twist and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love & Thunder chooses an ecocentric line and turns Thor vegan to get back to shape.

However, it is undoubtedly going to be an Easter egg for that particular ecocentric ultimate version. The MCU is being petitioned to be open towards all kinds of lifestyles and groups. Although animal rights and a vegan lifestyle are quite easy for Waititi to work on.


Source: Comicbook, ibtimes

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