“Women are throwing themselves at him, He’s loving it”: Pete Davidson’s Mother Calls His Ex-Girlfriends Fame-Hugging Celebrities, Wants Him to Find a Nice Girl Who is Marriage Material

Pete Davidson is no stranger to the dating scene, having dated everyone from Ariana Grande to Phoebe Dynevor in 2021. He has had a number of high-profile girlfriends, exes, and relationships in Hollywood. Of course, Kim Kardashian is one of them. So it makes sense that his fans have a lot of interest in the comedian’s past relationships, as well as the celebrity that he might be dating at the moment. However, Davidson’s mother, Amy Waters Davidson, disapproves of her son dating high-profile names like his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian or his rumored one, Emily Ratajkowski. Though, she claimed that she has nothing against these actresses.

Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski
Pete Davidson and Emily Rajatkowski

The 53-year-old has been pleading with the comedian to get married and start a family with a “marriage material” woman rather than a “fame-hugging” celebrity.

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Pete Davidson’s mom warns him to stop womanizing and marry a ‘nice girl’

 Pete Davidson‘s mother apparently had enough of the comedian’s frequent affairs and urged him to take his dating seriously. Radar Online claims that Amy Waters Davidson has issues with her son’s image being known as a womanizer. An insider told Radar Online that she is finding it difficult to accept the fact that her son is known for being very attractive to famous women. According to the source, “She’d liked to see him settle down and find a nice girl who’s marriage material — not some fame-hugging celebrity.”

Kim K and Pete Davidson at Met Gala
Kim K and Pete Davidson at Met Gala

The insider said, “Amy has had about all she can take with this bed-hopping. She has nothing against Emily or any of the other girls Pete’s dated.”

“He’s nearly 30, after all. She’s telling him he needs to be more selective in his choices.When she was his age, she was already married and had two young children, the source continued.

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Pete Davidson is not ready to get married, claims source!

When it comes to dating, Pete Davidson is one Hollywood actor who has done the rounds of it. He has dated several famous people, including Kaia Gerber, Kim Kardashian, and Ariana Grande. But it appears that the former Saturday Night Live star is still looking for his perfect match. However, the source revealed that Davidson is not yet prepared to settle down with just one woman or get married. He’s having way too much fun, the source claimed. “Women are throwing themselves at him. He’s loving it and doesn’t want to stop now — not when he’s got this nice rhythm going on,” the insider dished.

Pete Davidson rumored to be dating Emily Ratajkowski
Pete Davidson rumored to be dating Emily Ratajkowski

Well, it is rumored that the Ex-SNL star and Emily Ratajkowski are dating. However, the comedian has also been seen with his Bodies, Bodies, Bodies co-star  Chase Sui Wonders several times.

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Source: Radar Online 

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