‘Pete makes Emily laugh. He loves how intelligent she is’: Pete Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski Seemingly Confirm They are a Couple Now, Attend Friendsgiving Dinner Together

Even if Emily Ratajkowski is dealing with her divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, but seems like she is having fun in her life. The actress is said to be enjoying the freedom of her single life and was recently spotted with former Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson. According to an insider, the rumored couple is reportedly having a good time together but nothing is official yet.

Pete Davidson rumored to be dating Emily Ratajkowski
Pete Davidson rumored to be dating Emily Ratajkowski

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With the actress tying up her divorce and the comedian coming off his relationship with Kim Kardashian, a casual relationship might just be what they need. They might be just fun and flirty, and there’s no pressure to make it anything more than that.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski Spotted Together at Friendsgiving Dinner, Photo Went Viral

Emily Ratajkowski spotted with Pete Davidson
Emily Ratajkowski spotted with Pete Davidson

Emily Ratajkowski is currently focused on getting more adjusted to her life as a single mom to one-year-old son Sylvester Apollo, from her former husband Bear-McClard. A source added, “she is dating and having fun with it, she’s in a good headspace.” Another source revealed:

“Emily has been seeing Pete and thinks he is super charismatic, funny, and a good rebound. It is casual between them, but she likes that they’re comfortable with each other, and have a good time together.”

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Pete Davidson will definitely start a new go-to date for fixing his broken heart and Emily Ratajkowski might be the next actress who is also taking full advantage of exploring her romantic options. An unknown source revealed a photo of them hanging out together to celebrate the day and later deleted it. But unfortunately, nothing is private and fansites saved the photo and made it go viral fueling their dating rumors.

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Kim Kardashian’s Reaction to Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski and Dating Rumor

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

First, the so-called couple was spotted holding hands together, and later at his birthday party. Now, this all can’t be just co-incidence it seems like they are involved in some way. According to one source, the actress thinks it’s cute and she truly found happiness after getting with someone who matches her energy also they live in the same city, are close in age, and even worked on many projects together. If we talk about the Skims founder, she is also currently focusing on her kids and it seems like she is not bothered by Emily’s and Pete’s dating rumors because things are over between them.

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