‘Pete Tattooes Every Girlfriend’s Name Like Thanos Collects Infinity Stones’: Fans Troll Pete Davidson For Tattooing Kim Kardashian, Her Kids’ Names On Body, Only To Get Dumped

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been the talk of all social media ever since they were rumored to be dating. But the couple that got all media talking about them recently broke up. The news went viral and reached the ears of Kim Kardashian’s previous ex, Kanye West, who decided to take the opportunity and make fun of the comedian on social media. However, the roasting of Pete Davidson on social media did not stop at Kanye West, as Twitter users have also started to make light of his tattoos that include the representation of all of his previous girlfriends and thus, also have ink representing the Kardashian star and her kids.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s timeline

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Animated Times
Pete Davidson (left) and Kim Kardashian (right) at an event

Rumors of the celebrity pair started floating around October of 2021 when the two shared a kiss on Saturday Night Live while roleplaying the famous Disney characters, Alladin and Jasmine. After that, rumors were naturally flying out left and right as both of them were spotted holding hands and visiting amusement parks, even going to watch the latest Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately, the romance could only last for 9 months, and the rumors as to why Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian decided to go their separate ways are still in the air.

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The comedian had tattoos to represent Kim Kardashian and her kids

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on SNL parody skit
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on SNL

The comedian has gotten four tattoos from his recent relationship with the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in an impulse decision. A few of those consist of memories turned into words such as “Jasmine and Alladin“, referencing the first kiss that the ex-couple shared on the popular SNL show in 2021. Pete Davidson even has one that has the initials of his ex-girlfriend and her kids “KNSCP“.

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Twitter trolls the tattoo decisions after the breakup

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Twitter users also got in on the action of making fun of the comedian to make such an impulsive decision as now those tattoos have outlasted the relationship itself, making them void of gaining a deeper meaning if their relationship were to continue. The responses and memes that have been generated from the embarrassing yet hilarious situation do not hold back on account of Pete Davidson’s feelings.

Clearly, the comedian can either choose to remove or cover up the tattoos he had decided to ink himself with. Otherwise, if not anyone, Kanye West may definitely target the comedian for keeping the tattoos even after the ex-couples breakup.

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